Monday, November 20, 2006

Bought and Sold: BOB HERBERT


The New York Times

Bought and Sold

Published: November 20, 2006

One of the most tightly kept secrets in the U.S. is the extent to which children are sexually exploited by men who are viewed as quintessentially solid citizens.

MORE : Bought and Sold

The number one global crime business is drugs. In second place is arms trafficking. I was shocked to find human trafficking is tied for second place.


Anonymous said...

polite request
it's difficult to see the new posts with that color and format.

This article links to a theme that puts bullets for every post..

Could you implement a new theme so it's easier to spot the seperate posts? Pretty please...;)

Regardless, please keep up the good work.

Marc Parent said...


I'm willing to work with you here. This new blog has a LOT of bugs to be worked out.

You lost me on "themes", "bullets". What language dat?

Now, what - exactly - is hard about reading the posts?

Anonymous said...

Marc Parent kicks ass.....good work Marc......The People need to be made aware of this massive New World Order Crime Wave cascading through America.
Re: your website, yes - I am a webmaster and you can contact me for advice/help. The lady was trying to say you should change your text to black, for better viewing. I concur, as you must also remember some people will desire to print out your webpages, and that's another good reason why it's best to use black text.

.r o n c o r v u s

Marc Parent said...


Ron, I thought the text was black!

I'll revist the template and consider a vision test soon.

And thanks for the ass kickin' compliment. They are few and far between the crapheads, er, critics.

That's one heckuva webpage you have:

I'm saving your generous offer.



Anonymous said...

follow the link to this story

"bought and sold" is on blogspot and the author has chosen a theme/template that has the posts listed in bullet style.

take a look:

When a post on your theme/template goes past one line, it almost joins the next post with no seperator, just a slight indent.

It's not impossible to read, a cleaner look is just a suggestion.

Something like this:

Anonymous said...

To clarify, the side box/archive list menu, whatever they call it, is where the bullets would help.

Marc Parent said...

RE: "...To clarify, the side box/archive list menu..."

I've changed the sidebar. How is it now?

Marc Parent said...

RE: "...follow the link to this story..."

I've had a look.

I'll see what I can do later.

What do you think of this new setup?

Anonymous said...

I like the color scheme, easier to read.

I hate to say this, because you do so much..but now it lists days, without the single line posts.

Click on NOV 17(50 posts), in order to get to headline #1 you have to scroll all the way through and to the bottom. ugh.

Is there an option to make the side box date, open a tree to show the headlines for that date?

Marc Parent said...

RE: "...I like the color scheme, easier to read."

I changed the tree thingy. How's that?

Anonymous said...


no more requests from the peanut gallery...

thanks marc, hopefully we'll meet some day in the camps...heheh

Marc Parent said...

RE: "perfect"

You bet and thanks for your help.

I wonder if Cheneyburton takes reservations? You know, to get a good camping spot.