Monday, November 27, 2006

Washington Zionist Controlled Starbucks Markets on Foley Scandal

Democratic Aides Miffed at Lieberman Hire
By Mary Ann Akers
Roll Call Staff

November 27, 2006


The Starbucks location on the corner of New Jersey Avenue and E Street Northwest, the one next door to the Billy Goat Tavern, features fake 'testimonials' from caffy-happy customers who have bought Starbucks coffee by the case. Most of the quotes — from a 'Redskins helmet shiner,' a 'chimney sweep' and a 'shoelace designer' — are innocuous.

"But the one that caught our eye is a testimonial from 'Timothy H.,' identified as a 'Congressional page.'

'When I bought a case of Starbucks coffee, the text messages stopped coming,' the (fake) teenage boy says.

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