Sunday, February 25, 2007


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Artist’s anti-Bush stunt provokes violent reaction
Sunday Herald, UK - 23 hours ago

THE BRITISH artist Mark McGowan has been forced to curtail his latest stunt after it inspired a violent reaction in New York.
In Times Square, three burly men with handlebar moustaches were less sympathetic, calling McGowan a "goddamn liberal" and threatening to kick him "in the jaw" adding, "you'd have terrorists up your ass if it wasn't for George Bush." Shortly afterwards, he decided to head back to the art fair, to remain there for the duration.


update fri 23 feb

i have been kicked in the ass continuously on the streets of new york.
i have also been confronted by very angry bush supporters who have literally scared me so much so that i have had to abandon doing it on the streets and i am now just crawling around the scope art fair as i fear for my life.
mark mcgowan

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