Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who ISN'T sick of her?

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I Call Bullshit On Obama


I stopped reading Arianna's blog a year ago. She was once the sex toy of Bernard Levin, a Zionist writer in England who had quite a harem. Levin refused to marry Arianna, so Arianna eventually married film producer Michael Huffington, who turned out to be homosexual.

Today she hangs with people like Jane Harman (who’s fairly high up in AIPAC) and with the Hollywood crowd—-which is why Arianna never condemned Israel’s rape of Lebanon last year. I’m surprised she didn’t sign that infamous Hollywood ad against Lebanon and Hamas during Israel’s attack. (For a picture of that ad, see:

I also suspect that Arianna got privately spanked for printing retired general Wesley Clark’s comment about “New York money people” pushing for war. ( )

As for Obama, he says maybe the war in Iraq should end someday, but he’ll vote yes when Bush requests another $140 billion. His excuse? Obama doesn’t want to cut funding for the troops.

Meanwhile Bush’s new budget calls for a dramatic cut in medical assistance for Iraq veterans. (;... )

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