Monday, March 26, 2007

Yet another brainless NYT editorial

Chris gets a lot of letters printed in Big Media.

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Dear Sir,

It is amazing how you keep writing them. It is as if you still believed in fairies and demons, or expected your readers to do so anyway. Your editorial 'The Hamas Conundrum' is classic, containing all the standard NYT racist prejudice, all the NYT contempt for reality and belief in Zionist fabrication.

Many of us would have expected the penny would have dropped by now, through sixty years of Israeli defiance of international law over refugees, settlements and occupation, through desperate efforts by Palestinians, some peaceful and some not, to demand Israeli compliance with the law, through 60 years of international community failure to condemn effectively Israeli non-complaince while condemning Palestinian resistance to Israeli crimes.

Now your editorial blames Hamas refusal to comply with the three absurd "conditions", none of which are required by any law, except the law of the bully.

Grow up.

Yours faithfully,

Christopher Leadbeater


The Hamas Conundrum

As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice moves into the final days of her Middle East trip, she still needs to come up with a way to translate the current lull in the violence between Israel and the Palestinians into an opening for genuine peace negotiations.

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