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The Bush/NASA Killer Connection

KPRC Local 2 confirmed that the gunman was a contract worker employed by Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., which is headquartered in Pasadena. His identity and the nature of his job were not released. He was described only as a white man between 50 and 60 years old.



Gunman kills hostage, self at Nasa base

Officials: Gunman Barricaded In Johnson Space Center - With Live Coverage


April 16, 2007 -- WMR was the first to report on the establishment of a major US airbase in northern Lebanon to facilitate logistics for America's planned long-term stay in the Middle East, including the occupation of Iraq. On July 21, 2006, we reported, "With the carrying out of the Clean Break by Israel and the United States, profits for companies like Halliburton are bound to skyrocket. The Israeli attack on Lebanon is already estimated to have resulted in $2 billion in damage to Lebanon's infrastructure. WMR previously reported that Jacobs/Sverdrup has been promised a lucrative Pentagon contract to build a large U.S. airbase in northern Lebanon.

The editor reported on March 11, 2005: "Washington and Jerusalem media experts spun Hariri's assassination as being the work of Syrian intelligence on orders from President Bashar Assad. However, a number of Middle East political observers in Washington claim that Hariri's assassination was not in the interests of Assad, but that the Bush and Sharon administrations had everything to gain from it, including the popular Lebanese uprising against the Syrian occupation. Lebanese intelligence sources report that even without a formal agreement with Lebanon, the contract for the northern Lebanese air base has been let by the Pentagon to Jacobs Engineering Group of Pasadena, California. Other construction support will be provided by Bechtel Corporation. Jacobs Engineering and Jacobs Sverdrup are currently contracted for work in Saudi Arabia for Aramco, Iraq for the U.S. occupation authority, Bosnia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. The Lebanese air base is reportedly to be used as a transit and logistics hub for U.S. forces in Iraq and as a rest and relaxation location for U.S. troops in the region. In addition, the Lebanese base will be used to protect U.S. oil pipelines in the region (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Mosul/Kirkuk-Ceyhan) as well as to destabilize the Assad government in Syria. The size of the planned air base reportedly is on the scale of the massive American Al Udeid air base in Qatar. A number of intelligence sources have reported that assassinations of foreign leaders like Hariri and Hobeika are ultimately authorized by two key White House officials, Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and Deputy National Security Adviser Elliot Abrams. In addition, Abrams is the key liaison between the White House and Sharon's office for such covert operations, including political assassinations."

Our Lebanese sources as well as the Lebanese daily newspaper Aldiyar now report that a NATO base is to be built soon on the grounds of the largely abandoned airbase at Klieaat in northern Lebanon. The base will serve as the headquarters of a NATO rapid deployment force, helicopter squadrons, and Special Forces units although the cover story prepared by the Lebanese and US governments is that the base will provide training for the Lebanese army and security forces. The base was pushed by elements in the office of the US Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Bush administration had recently warned Lebanon about the presence of "Al Qaeda" teams in northern Lebanon. Before his assassination, former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was known to have been strongly opposed to any U.S. military bases in Lebanon, including the proposed airbase in Kleiaat.

America's new Kleiaat airbase in northern Lebanon prepares to host rapid deployment force. Assassinated former Prime Minister Hariri was adamantly opposed to the American base.

Gunman, Hostage Dead In Shooting At JSC

POSTED: 2:27 pm CDT April 20, 2007
UPDATED: 6:13 pm CDT April 20, 2007

A gunman shot a hostage and then himself while barricaded inside a building at Johnson Space Center on Friday, KPRC Local 2 reported. A second hostage was found duct-taped to a chair but was unharmed, according to authorities. Officials said the situation started at about 1:40 p.m. when reports of shots fired came in and a man with a gun was spotted inside building 44, which is the communications and tracking development laboratory, an engineering building. Authorities said the man with a revolver barricaded himself in a second-floor office. Capt. Dwayne Ready of the Houston Police Department said a male hostage appeared to be shot when the gunman initially fired two shots in the building. "The report to us was that there were two shots and that's what caused us to respond to this scene, and we're believing that one of the hostages -- the male who's deceased -- was shot during that particular moment," Ready said. Ready said communication was not established with the gunman, despite repeated efforts. SWAT officers moved in when they heard a third shot hours after the standoff began. They found the gunman dead from a shot to the head and a male hostage dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. Investigators did not release a motive. Officials said the gunman did not leave a note. The victims' names were not released. KPRC Local 2 confirmed that the gunman was a contract worker employed by Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., which is headquartered in Pasadena. His identity and the nature of his job were not released. He was described only as a white man between 50 and 60 years old. NASA is a secured facility that requires approved access. "If you are an employee and have the correct badge and the correct sticker on your car, you can generally drive right in," former astronaut Dr. Bill Fisher said. "If this were a contractor or a NASA employee, that person would have almost unlimited access to the Space Center once you're through the gate. For someone who is not a NASA employee, they have to go through a number of security checks and they would have to get a special badge." JSC employees were initially informed about the gunman via e-mail and asked to shelter-in-place. A second e-mail told employees that the situation was confined to one building and they were allowed to go home, according to Eileen Hawley, with NASA. Johnson Space Center is located on NASA Parkway in Clear Lake. Building 44 was described as "one of the smaller" office buildings on the JSC campus, where Mission Control is based. Space Center Intermediate School, located at 17400 Saturn Lane, was placed in lockdown as a precaution. The lockdown was lifted by 3:45 p.m. Background Of Johnson Space Center Johnson Space Center was established in 1961 as the Manned Spacecraft Center and, in 1973, renamed in honor of the late President and Texas native Lyndon B. Johnson. JSC has served as the nerve center for the Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, space shuttle, International Space Station and other programs. About 3,000 employees people work at the center; most are engineers and scientists. More than 12,000 contractors from about 50 companies work onsite or in nearby office buildings and other facilities. There are about 110 astronauts based at JSC for training.

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