Wednesday, April 4, 2007

County official forced to resign for criticizing Israel

This is outrageous . . . As a government official, you can say whatever vile thing your decrepit heart desires - if it's about Muslims. But, if you criticize the criminal 'state' of israel, you're forced out of office.

A Cherokee County official has resigned from her position after criticism over comments she made on her Web site about Israel.

Mary Catarineau, who is on the Cherokee County Planning Commission, wrote about dismantling Israel as a way to achieve peace in the Middle East in March 22 entry on her Web site, "My Diary With God."

And in a March 24 entry, Catarineau wrote that Israel "was artificially created to provide a place for Jews to avoid persecution after the Holocaust. The Holocaust is not going to recur, and Israel has caused nothing but problems. Jews can remain or leave, but give the land back to the Muslims."

Cherokee County is a fast-growing county north of Atlanta.

Catarineau said she wanted the Internet posts to encourage people to think about different ways to end the violence in that part of the world.

"If anything I wrote on the blog was offensive, I sincerely apologize," she said. "That was not my intent."

To avoid escalating the controversy, Catarineau said she was stepping down from her position on the planning commission and from her position on the county's Comprehensive Plan Steering Council.

The posts have been removed from the Web site. But in an entry on the site dated Tuesday, Catarineau wrote that she has also said critical things about Muslims but that "people focus on only what they wish to see."

County Commissioner Harry Johnston, who appointed Catarineau to both positions, said growth and development are already controversial subjects without other issues coming into play.

"She's stepping aside to eliminate a controversy that may be unnecessarily impeding progress on the primary issues at hand," Johnston said.
What's happening is she's being FORCED out to ELIMINATE OPPOSITION to continued US support for the criminal 'state' of israel.

This woman is a local official, responsible for local politics, her opinions on foreign policy have ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on her tasks as a county official and therefore should be a NON-ISSUE. That is, IF the people in power at the local level cared more about the welfare of the local residents than they do about the welfare of israelis.

But, they don't. As usual, israel comes first.

At this rate, NO ONE will be left in our local and state governments to put American interests FIRST.

This kind of strong-arming in our governments MUST END.

Pass this on to as many people you can - especially in Atlanta.

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