Thursday, April 19, 2007

Maliki Orders Arrest of Colonel in Charge of Baghdad

Iraqi prime minister orders the arrest of an Iraqi army colonel

April 18, 2007 16:27 EDT

BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq's prime minister has ordered the arrest of the Iraqi army colonel in charge of security in the area around a Baghdad market that was hard-hit today by a deadly car bombing.

At least 127 people died in the blast and scores more were wounded. It was the second massive blast at the market since February.

The attack was one of four bombings that rocked the capital today, killing 183 people and making it the bloodiest day since a U-S troop surge began nine weeks ago.

The other attacks today involved a suicide car blast at a checkpoint, a parked car bomb near a hospital and a device on a minibus.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the bombings "horrifying" and accused al-Qaida of being behind them.

Nationwide, the number of people killed or found dead today was 233, which equaled the highest daily death toll since The Associated Press began keeping records in May 2005.

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