Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Separatism becomes the only way to save U.S. ideals from the North American Union

April 17, 2007

by Darryl Smith

The elite driven political-military-industrial complex is pursuing an agenda to create a North American Union (NAU), in which capitalism can flourish, without being interfered with by the democratic aspirations of "ordinary Americans". NAU is essentially a project to create a new continental government run by elites, "freed" of having their commercial profits "improperly dampened" by labour rights "inconveniences" like minimum wages, other basic human rights considerations, or environmental protection legislation. States and other local organizations have passed resolutions against the NAU agenda. Anti-NAU resolutions have reportedly been launched by states which include Arizona, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, South Dakota, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Georgia. However, these resolutions have no effective constitutional authority, relative to elite interests that seek via their influence over the central government, to create a "super-state", which is not inspired by democracy. As a result, the only effective way which Americans can protect the spirit which lies within local communities across the nation, is to at least "temporarily" become democratically-inspired independent countries.

The "Republic of Cascadia" website stipulates the following within this spirit:

Why do we Cascadians [comprising of the current states of Oregon and Washington which used to be 'Oregon Country'] remain in this economic tragedy? We pay more in federal taxes and get back less. We have more national guard casualties than most parts of this corporatist system. Our lands and forests (our Mother) are seen as the profits of others. Our resources and commons are bottled, plastic wrapped, packaged, exported-to-be-imported and remarketed to be sold to us as something "owned" by filthy rich elite often from outside of Cascadia. We fear that our rights as states will be usurped by people who do not value our way of life or worldview.

America's current plight under elites that are purusing an apparent agenda of perpetuated war, have historical origins in the very Revolutionary War that occurred at the inception of America. Intellectually, that Revolution was partially inspired by democratic ideals. However, the culture of violence associated with that Revolution spawned an ensuing militaristic expansionist agenda from the Thirteen Colonies across the continent to the Pacific. Indeed, the consolidation of the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, was not executed by persuading aboriginal peoples and colonizing settlers of the 'virtues of American democracy'. The consolidation of America and the birth of states was done through the same kind of coercion which America now carries with it in many different parts of the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan. The whole "raison d'ĂȘtre" concerning America's existence has become too closely aligned to a consciousnesses of jingoism and militarism, which inevitably brings with it, oppression-driven and greed-driven operation by elites.

The spirit of American democracy exists at the local level, in America's neighbourhoods, cities, aboriginal societies and state-regions, which had historically operated within distinctive governments, before being taken over by the Washington D.C. by connected elite generals, and by Yankee industrialists who rebelled against Britain. However, America, as a society today, exists primarily as a "national security state" under a demonic consciousness which seeks to take-over the world, as they took over "Indian country", the colonies of New France, Oregon Territory, and other territories.

Re-affirming America as a democracy would require totally re-inventing America. How? Americans would need to literally separate themselves in temporary independent countries, based upon vibrant democratic ideals and constitutions. These initiatives include establishing countries within the current borders of America, where citizens can finally get the kind of policies passed by responsive democratic legislatures, which the current elite-driven political economy now deprives them of. These policies include universal public healthcare, and other policies which safeguard local social fabric and vital environmental heritages, which all Americans rely on for their quality-of-survival. The Alaska Independence Party, and Cascadia (which is a movement to essentially re-establish the sovereignty of the former colony of the Oregon Country), are examples of grassroots attempts to separate from a perceived context of oppressive centrally executed power, that is in the control of anti-democratic elites.

The current "United States of America" has become "a project" of elites, which seek to continue a path of military expansionism that crossed Indian country and colonized settlements to engulf the whole of North America; and toward the sought engulfing of the whole world under a fascistic "New World Order". These elites are pursuing a course to end America anyways through their project to create the NAU.

Americans can either choose to become oppressed under this elite driven NAU scheme, or to revive the American spirit in such de-centralizing political movements like Cascadia or Alaksan Independence; and these can forge new countries, which can re-inspire a "new United States of America". This new United States would be driven by the American, people themselves, and not by various large corporations in association with capitalism. Capitalism in America is currently over-concentrating political economic power into a handful of corporation, at the expense of the ability of American people to freely control their own destiny.

The reforming of America, inspired through a voluntary association of newly forged "countries" i.e. Vermont, Alaska, Cascadia, or Texas, whose citizens voluntarily elect to join re-join America, would help "wash away" an apparent "demonic consciousness" in America identified by Dr. Ray Griffin, which now threatens to consume America and the rest of the world. America would then be re-born away from an elite-driven Empire, and into a peaceful and voluntary driven association which embraces progressive democratic ideals.

Elite-driven pretensions of Empire, identified by Richard M. Dolan, are undermining the fruition of America as a constitutional democracy. America must be re-born by re-defining the constitutional basis of America through a process which is freed of the underlying militaristic-driven context to America's formation. America, as a society, needs to evolve beyond barbaric notions of the "right to bear arms" as well as to conquer and subjugate others while operating under flag waving bombast, and into becoming a matured society, driven by wisdom, peace, and social responsibility for each other and toward a truly great society.

The NAU, which is driven by a secretive cabal of large corporations and jingoists, shows that capitalism in today's America has become a "communism of private corporations". America, under the NAU project, is literally being destroyed by the demonic consciousness of private corporations that seek to replace American constitutional protections, with the instigation of a shadow government, which seeks to consolidate totalitarian control.

The NAU has forced the current American polity into a crossroads which seeks to replace America with an unconstitutional entity. Ironically, separatist movements in America may be the only way of saving American constitutional ideals toward the rejuvenation and eventual revitalization of American society.

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