Thursday, May 10, 2007

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Anonymous said...

I want to post a comment on the Ron Paul helps home owners story but this is all i can find? Yes i am allready subscribed to feeds. Please can you make the posting of comments less time consuming (15 min of round and round for nothing.)

Real Truth Online said...

hey mark, how do you get your secondary page to widen out that far on the sides? I have a blog too on and I dont know how to widen it. How do you do it? email me at


Marc Parent mparent7777 mparent CCNWON said...

Hi, Larry.

I have no idea. The template I chose just came out that way, I think.

Brian David Andersen said...

After nearly four and half decades there is a major breakthrough regarding the Kennedy incident on Elm Street

Detailed in the newly released book titled

“My God, I'm Hit!”

Investigating the Kennedy
Incident on Elm Street
From the Diagonal

For 44 years researches have investigated the pieces of the Kennedy jigsaw puzzle related to the incident on Elm Street from the straight, standard and narrow perspective that a murder by gunfire took place. However, the pieces of the murder by gunfire approach cannot (and will never) fit together as the completed puzzle/solid unit that would enable readers to form logical conclusions and answer endless questions that surface with each.

Brian David Andersen is the first investigator to successfully assemble a majority of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle related to Kennedy incident on Elm Street so that individuals can formulate his/her own logical but very astounding conclusions and answers. The first portion of the text is written by Andersen. The second portion of the book includes the fascinating testimonies of the key participants -- Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman, Dr. Charles Baxter M.D. and Abraham Zapruder to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Warren Commission. Andersen's evidence and the key testimonies included in the 340 page hardbound and softbound book feature numerous illustrations and photographs. Andersen's book provides the proper pieces of the jigsaw puzzle so readers have the components, information and awareness to make logical conclusions and formulate sensible answers.

The author places the reader in the position of a juror as he assembles and presents the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle from the diagonal rather than from the straight, standard and narrow perspective. The author requests the juror, you the reader, to sustain or revoke the death certificate (of John Fitzgerald Kennedy) after he presents the compelling and indisputable evidence in the “lawsuit”/book. At places the author / Plaintiff expresses his discoveries, opinions and conclusions with light humor and other places he pounds the reader with unambiguous, harsh and numbing realities.

The Rosetta Stone of the Kennedy incident on Elm Street is the diary of eye-witness June Dishong. Her simple, heart-felt, shocking and honest words will rock the reader's world to the very core.

Although he did not know it at that time, Andersen began gathering his peripheral and hardcore evidence at age 11 during the shocking afternoon of November 22, 1963. “My God, I'm Hit!” is based upon the 44 year Odyssey of Brian David Andersen who spent his childhood and teenage years in the suburb of Dallas called Irving. The book details how he was inadvertently and purposely exposed to hidden evidence and aspects of the Kennedy incident on Elm Street from various sources.

Andersen did not seek-out but was informed in detail how the body that rolled into the emergency room really died due to his being a neighbor and an employee of a Parkland Hospital attending surgeon. Andersen relates how and why the medical doctor emphatically, shockingly and forcefully halted all life saving procedures on the near lifeless body that was removed from the Kennedy Presidential limousine. This revelation was one of countless off-the-wall and unexpected exposures and experiences for Andersen over the past 44 years.

In conclusion the thrust of "My God, I'm Hit!" is summarized by a quote from the book:

“Whether you like it or not here comes the loaded, hard and heavy paradigm shift train so either hop on for a wild new ride or get run over while your heart and head remain buried underneath the rails.”

P.S. I desire to send Mark a complementary copy but there is no e-mail link on his website.

DocNoc said...

Unbelieveable Stories!
Great content about crimes and corruptions of the new world order news.

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