Wednesday, November 15, 2006

“Death Squads” : The Documentary


This is the Channel 4 documentary “The Death Squads”, screened about a week ago.

Night after night death squads rampage through Iraq killing civilians. ‘The Death Squads’, the last film of the Iraq season, reveals that these organised killings are linked to the Iraqi government and to politicians who want to turn Iraq into a Shia state aligned to Iran.

More worrying is that many of these Iraqis politicians, who are behind the “Death Squads”, are received by the western countries and introduced to the public as heroes of freedom and champions of democracy.

You Tube trailer is here

The full documentary is here

I hope Channel 4 Can forgive me for showing this excellent documentary to the public, but it can saves many, many lives, and can be used later as a legal evidence to prosecute those who are responsible of these acts.


Iraqi police involved in kidnapping 150 office employees

Adding more information about “Scores seized from Baghdad office
According to Al-Arabiya

Iraqi eyewitnesses said that police officers were observing what happens when the gunmen checked the identity cards of the staff and then took the Sunnis and went.
High-education minister Al-Ojaili said:

What happened is significant security flaw, the area is crowded with police checkpoints either the police or the army, .He added, “I myself asked the ministers of interior and defense to ensure the protection of the Ministry of Education and Iraqi universities.

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