Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The U.S. Army's recruitment strategies (with video)

The Simpsons on Army Recruitment

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Posted Monday, November 13th, 2006 at 9:24 pm
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In their most recent episode, The Simpsons poked fun at the US Army so much that it completely overshadowed any botched joke John Kerry has ever made. Here I’ve posted a scene from the beginning of the episode that satirizes the shady practices of army recruiters. The episode later went on to criticize the caliber of recruits the army has been accepting.

There were other great highlights from the episode which are not in the clip above. One had to do with Marge begging Homer not to join. Homer says, “I have to Marge. Who else is gonna keep oil under $100 a barrel?” The other sad but true line came when Homer was playing war games with the army and got cornered in Moe’s basement. The idea of surrendering is brought up and Homer says, “I’m not gonna surrender. You’ve seen what the US Army does to prisoners. How would you like to be stacked naked in a pile with a hillbilly girl pointing at you and laughing?”
Could this kind of political satire revive The Simpsons from the fringes of irrelevance to share the comedic stage with Colbert and Stewart? Time will tell, but the past two episodes have definitely been on the upswing.

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