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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

By One Pissed Off Liberal

Sat Dec 02, 2006

This diary is not about how far we have diverged from our national principles, or how badly America sucks, or what a bunch of hypocrites we are - at least not explicitly. It is about some very peculiar realities that bear examination, and (IMHO) need to be rigorously and even ruthlessly questioned.

Why pick at these scabs? Do I get some sort of perverse pleasure finding fault with our country? Why do I hate America?

First, I love this country with all my heart and soul. Second, you have to see that which is broken clearly if you ever hope to fix it. Third, there is (believe it or not) a `vast rightwing conspiracy' to keep us all in the dark. Fourth, is not self-examination appropriate for the reality-based community?

Peculiar Reality # 1

Our government is spying on peaceniks, Quakers, and ordinary citizens.

Keeping Tabs on the Peaceniks
Punished for Pacifism
Court-Ordered Documents Detail Pentagon Spying on U.S. Anti-War Groups
New Rules Compel Firms to Track E-Mails
Constant Surveillance: Who's a Target?
"Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid." - Cracking U.S. Government Policies of Fear

Peculiar Reality # 2

Our government is actively ignoring the greatest issue of all time, global warming.

Union of Concerned Scientists - Global Warming
Bush's "bamboozling ballet of dissimulation and denial" on global warming
Climate 'warmest for millennium'
Doomed by Politics, and by Ourselves

Peculiar Reality # 3

Our government is aggressively stripping us of our civil rights.

Much of American Public Naïve, or Worse, About Bush and Civil Liberties
'They treat a whistle-blower like a virus'
One step closer to theocracy. Bill passed in House would severely curb our ability to sue for Freedom of Religion
Police state roundup!
FBI Drops Another Patriot Act Demand But Keeps Gag on Internet Service Provider

Peculiar Reality # 4

In response to 9/11 our government:

Invades Iraq

CNN Host Slams Iraq as a War For Oil; Wonders if President was Actually Elected
How Jesus Endorsed Bush's Invasion of Iraq
War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal
Iraq invasion a disaster, Blair admits
Study: War blamed for 655,000 Iraqi deaths

Does nothing to actually increase our security

The Dubai Ports Deal
Bush Would Veto Any Bill Halting Dubai Port Deal
Coast Guard Sounded Alarms Over Dubai Ports Deal
Truth About UAE Port Security Scandal Quietly Leaks Out
Homeland Insecurity

Doles out billions to well-connected do-nothing contractors

Corruption: the 'second insurgency' costing $4bn a year
Contractors Rarely Held Responsible for Misdeeds in Iraq
Halliburton paid $4 million to politicians for 600% gain on contracts since 2000
Custer Battles and the swindling of a nation
Where is the outrage over war profiteering?
War for profit: American tax dollars at work
Republicans kill amendment to investigate Halliburton contract abuse; pledge hearings in December

Legalizes torture

President Authorized Abu Ghraib Torture, FBI Email Says
Ex-general at Abu Ghraib says Rumsfeld OK'd abuse
The Truth about the Military Commissions Act

Peculiar Reality # 5

Our government has corrupted and taken over the news media (and it's not just FOX).

CNN Distributes Bush's Fake News
Buying of News by Bush's Aides Is Ruled Illegal
Embedded with Bush: fake news reports and phony journalism
CIA Claims the Right to Decide What is News
Bush and Iraq: Mass Media, Mass Ignorance
How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up


The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media..

~ William Colby, former CIA director

as quoted by Dave McGowan in his book Derailing Democracy

Don't miss that quote! The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media. Brothers and sisters, that says it all.

Is our government going to fix any of this? No they are not. Not unless we make them. Their resistance to our will has gone from stubbornness to obstinacy, and now borders on insubordination. Remember, they are our servants. They either need to do our will - or clear out their desks and hit the unemployment line.


The government is merely a servant -- merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.

~ Mark Twain

Are these realities acceptable to you? Are you okay with a CIA-owned news media that spews government lies and propaganda? Are you fine with the government spying on peaceniks and ordinary citizens?

Do you not mind that in direct contradiction to the expressed will of the democratic majority they are threatening to ratchet up the war in Iraq? Do you not miss your civil liberties? Don't you envy congress's extraordinary healthcare?

Are you satisfied with the government's response to 9/11 and Katrina? Do you not want to be reimbursed for the trillions that have been stolen by Halliburton, KBR, the Carlyle Group, the major `defense' contractors and others?

Are you content with a government that operates in secret, serves and protects corporate criminals, works against the best interests of the American people, and spits in our faces when we demand withdrawal from Iraq?

Brothers and sisters, I ask you in all earnestness, what's wrong with this picture?

Taking Action

MHO as to what we need to do:

* Demand the same level of healthcare that congress has for every American
* Clobber them if they try to send more troops to Iraq
* Use the power of the netroots to demand reform
* Demand openness, honesty, and accountability
* Demand free and fair elections
* Demand repeal of the Patriot Act
* Demand an end to domestic spying
* Demand an end to the Drug War
* Demand an end to government manipulation of the press
* Demand urgent action on global warming
* Stop taking no for an answer

You may be asking, `why do you have to be so negative and critical mister Pissed Off?' The answer is because all of these things are wrong, and not by just a little bit. They are woefully, egregiously, and tragically wrong. We can either accept it as `just the way it is', oppose it `moderately', or we can reject it and oppose it with hell-fire and passion, which is what I believe we should do.

In the discussion that followed my last diary advocating the end of the tragic Drug War, one commenter said we'd never change it because it was a trillion dollar industry, implying that it is impossible to ever change anything from which so much money is being made. If that were true it would also apply to the military-industrial complex and their beloved international arms trade, as well as our crooked to the bone patronage-based political system. There's way too much money involved to ever change any of these horrors, right? Wrong!

Granted, the challenges are formidable. We are up against vicious criminals who are bottomless pits of greed and avarice with big fat checkbooks. They are mean, lack any vestige of human compassion or conscience, and they will stop at nothing to perpetuate the status quo. They murder, rape, rob, pillage and torture like we brush our teeth - routinely and without a second thought.

We on the other hand represent that which is best in humanity. We are good, decent people with an abundance of compassion, we are driven by conscience, and perhaps most importantly, there are way more of us than there are of them. We may not have fat checkbooks, but we have people power - and that is a far better thing. Virtually every tyrannical regime, every dictatorship, every police state that ever existed was ended by it. People power is what will be our salvation.

The way it has worked historically is that once the percentage of the population who have had all they're willing to take reaches a certain critical mass, the people rise up as one and smite their oppressors as they did in France with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, as our forefathers did here in America with the British in 1776. And these days we have something far better and much more powerful than pitchforks, guillotines, or muskets - we have the Internets and their magic tubes. And though they've been severely hobbled; we have the tools of democracy. This time we can do it without violence. This time we can slay the dragon with democracy and pure people power.

So my purpose in writing diaries like this is to reveal the truth, and yes, to make you angry so that we can increase our numbers until we reach that critical mass of those who are thoroughly fed up and have had all they are going to take.

I hope to live long enough to see us rise up as one and smite our oppressors. I long to see an American government back in the possession of its rightful owners, the American people. We are headed in the right direction brothers and sisters and you are all a part of that. Kudos to you all! We just have to keep on keeping on - and never let up.

May our oppressors be smitten sooner rather than later! Mahalo!


Act NOW on Global Warming
Global Warming FAQ
Friends of the Earth
Worldwatch Institute
Human Rights Watch
American Civil Liberties Union
Common Cause
Amnesty International
School of the Americas Watch
Citizens Against Prohibition

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