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12 Damn good reasons why I oppose Hillary Clinton

Jan 29, 2006

First things first as you can already tell from the title of the diary I am NOT a fan of Queen Hillary. I am still amazed to read entries by sicka-fans who drool over voting for her in '08. She is not the best candidate and her so called experience isn't shit since she hasn't shown real leadership by challenging the crooks and liars illegally occupying the White House for two consecutive terms. How can she think that we can take her seriously when she has never challenged King Bush over what he has stated in the last 5-6 years. What kind of person can't stand up and say enough is enough after what Bush has said and done over the years?

"I don’t have the foggiest idea about what I think about international, foreign policy.

"I'm the commander — see, I don't need to explain — I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being president".

"In a time of war, the president must have the power he needs to make the tough decisions, including, if need be, the decision to grant himself even more power".

"I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future".

I am amazed at how so called "progressives" are actually glad that she is running when she happens to be the darling of corporate America, that she is some how going to actually represent the non DLC members of the Democratic party who oppose so called Free Trade policies that send middle class jobs to third world countries due to the lack of enforcement of business practices, labor laws and lax environmental laws.

Kos did a great job on his article in the Washington post and yesterday’s post about the same issue as me. I am sick of how the media is bowing down to Hillary. Even of all places Fox News. Murdoch is gaga over Hillary. The real 411 on Murdoch. When will some lefties realize that she will do anything to just be president. It's obvious that Hillary sees the pursuit of the White House by means of the tireless upchucking of hollow, computer-generated horseshit as the ultimate man's game in Washington, and she wants to show she can play it with the big boys. So she's slinging twice as much crap, twice as much bullshit. What she fails to see is that, while she's playing the game right, the game is the problem, it's a crock of shit. It would have been nice if she'd had the courage to be different, which she incidentally already is, by default. Instead, she's choosing consciously to be just another lousy corporate politician one who'll deserve all the abuse she'll get for playing that same old tired game. - Matt Taibbi

Good thing there are some that are actually questioning her like Matt Stoller so does her '06 senate opponent Jonathan Tasini over at Huffingtonpost.

We have to get over the fact that she is a woman running for president she isn't even the first. That belongs to Victoria Claflin Woodhull . Another point to pander is that she is the media's candidate. She will be forced onto liberals to vote for her. Lets see the supporters for her in the media. At CBS she has Katie Couric who has hosted a fundraiser with Hillary before. Over at NBC there is Meredith Vaira. Did any one see the soft ball questions that she was asked? The New York Times favors her too. This is the same "liberal" NY Times that carried the propaganda Iraq lies by Judy Miller and decided NOT to publish the information that Bush was spying on you and me with no court warrants. Fox news backs her too. Rupert Murdoch knows what he is doing. Securing future businesses that Hillary might help build or destroy. ABC news has George Stephanopoulos who worked for her husband’s administration. At CNN there is Paul Begalla and James Carville who loyal to the core clintonistas who criticized Howard Dean.

Chris Bowers over at a Mydd has it right.

"There are two main reasons why James Carville does not like Howard Dean. The first is that Howard Dean does not trash other Democrats, and Carville prefers Democrats who throw their own party under the bus. The second is that he is a political consultant, and as such many of his friends have gotten rich off of commissions from television advertisements. As far as he is concerned, all donations to all Democratic committees exist so that he and his friends can get richer. Since Howard Dean is spending money on field organizers and grants to state parties, his friends tend to not get rich from the money the DNC raised. This is abhorrent to Carville, since Democratic Party committees exist to make him and his friends rich"


Lets remember it was James Carville who leaked voter fraud challengers to the White House in Ohio that Kerry was going to challenge. Why you ask? If Kerry lost it would clear the way for Hillary in '08. Carville says so in his own words.

Apparently, Kerry had decided not to concede. There were 250,000 outstanding ballots in Ohio. So Kerry decides to fight. In fact, he considers going to Ohio to camp out with his voters until there is a recount. This is the last thing the White House needs, especially after Florida 2000.

So what happened?

James Carville gets on the phone with his wife, Mary Matalin, who is at the White House with Bush.

"Carville told her he had some inside news. The Kerry campaign was going to challenge the provisional ballots in Ohio -- perhaps up to 250,000 of them. 'I don't agree with it, Carville said. I'm just telling you that's what they're talking about.'

"Matalin went to Cheney to report...You better tell the President Cheney told her."

Matalin does, advising Bush that "somebody in authority needed to get in touch with J. Kenneth Blackwell, the Republican Secretary of State in Ohio who would be in charge of any challenge to the provisional votes." An SOS goes out to Blackwell.

The rest is history.

She has a strangle hold on the DNC for raising money for her campaign. Sucking all the money so that other candidates can't compete. Just look at the coverage she is getting. Even Murdoch is gaga over Hillary. Talk about sleeping with the enemy. I am not the only one that feels the same way.

Below I state reasons why Hillary should not be the nomination of the party and what she actually supports. She can't win and people doubt her, take a look. Plus with the explosion on the internet and blogs, scandals like thisand thiswill dominate the media landscape. Also taking campaign money from sweatshop factories doesn't sit well with me. Not to mention when Tom Delay is linked.

  1. She voted for and still supports strong the illegal, immoral and unjust war in Iraq. Some how without an ounce of guilt or clear judgment and she still STANDS by her Vote. Just like other so called "experts" pundits who keep being rewarded and invited back to media shows after supporting the war and saying it would have been a cake walk, the same goes for Hillary, she seems to gain some "experience" for sticking by her vote and not being swayed by the the so called far left of the party. Bullshit of the highest kind, I say.
  1. She wants YOUR rights to be taken away by voting and supporting the renewal of the(UN)Patriot Act.
  1. Supports Torture just like Lord Cheney and King George Bush. Supports the illegal NSA wire tapping, allowing the Bush junta to continue tapping your phones. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a good summary on the domestic spying scandal.
  1. She is financed and backed by global corporations and wall-street. Her health care plan is suspect to me since she has opened up to the health care industry. Just look at who gives her money. Besides wall-street is in her back pocket and she is getting money from foreign sources like Communist China and Saudi Arabia.
  1. There is a conflict of interest if it comes to stopping Communist China from invading and conquering democratic Taiwan. Any one remember the business man Johnny Chang. What is her answer to China's Military show case towards the world, particular with the US? She even supports censorship by the Communist Chinese government. Clinton supported most favored nation trade status despite concerns about China’s human rights record. Some more concerns with China.
  1. She will stab unions in the back and continue the war on the American worker started by Reagan, Bush and continued by Bill with the passage of NAFTA even though a MAJORITY of house democrats opposed it, by supporting outsourcing and not getting tough on companies that seek tax breaks by sending jobs overseas.

"156 of 258 Democrats opposed him[Bill Clinton in '93], Ohio Democrat Marcy Kaptur pointed out that Clinton is out of synch with what she calls the "real core of the Democratic Party" in the House. "I think he's the candidate of Wall Street," she said, "not Main Street." Kaptur predicted that the division will lead to an increase in independent voting and support for Ross Perot's United We Stand. "There are a lot of constituents out there who were abandoned," she said.

I still find it hard to believe that unions actually give in to NAFTA. She was a board member on Wal-Mart for six years. It wasn't until last year that she began having differences with Wal-Mart and returned money that they had dominated to her campaign. Hillary is not the the voice of conscience for the American worker. Is it a surprise to anyone that she is a strong supporter of free trade with China and other nations? David Sirota has a good take with her on the issue over here.

  1. She is a gun grabber and opposes my Constitutional right to defend myself. I know there are some "liberals' that disagree and are the majority on this site, but stop with trying to regulate how I should defend myself. In a free society I should be able to exercise my right to defend myself. Criminals don't obey laws, that’s why the are criminals in the first place. Gun ownership for self defense LOWERS crime. Check out some myths here and here. Just compare locations with the most anti-gun laws and pro-gun laws. Pro-gun laws generally have lower crime rates.

New Jersey adopted what sponsors described as "the most stringent gun law" in the nation in 1966; two years later, the murder rate was up 46 percent and the reported robbery rate had nearly doubled.

In 1968, Hawaii imposed a series of increasingly harsh measures and its murder rate, then a low 2.4 per 100,000 per year, tripled to 7.2 by 1977.

In 1976, Washington, D.C., enacted one of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation. Since then, the city's murder rate has risen 134 percent while the national murder rate has dropped 2 percent.

Among the 15 states with the highest homicide rates, 10 have restrictive or very restrictive gun laws. Source: National Center for Policy Analysis

At a time like this when the Bill of Rights and Constitution is being destroyed, the only way to defend ourselves from the tyranny of the government is to arm ourselves. Even bush is taking our guns away illegal. Just look at what happened during Hurricane Katrina.

When the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually...I ask, who are the militia? They consist of now of the whole people, except a few public officers. But I cannot say who will be the militia of the future day. If that paper on the table gets no alteration, the militia of the future day may not consist of all classes, high and low, and rich and poor...

To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.- George Mason.

No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms. -Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776

The Constitution preserves] the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation...(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. - James Madison, The Federalist Papers, No. 46.

  1. Hillary is AIPAC'S girl. Clinton has also approved of the Israeli West Bank barrier, which she views as a counter-terrorism protective measure. On November 13, 2005, she said that she supports its building, and that the onus is on the Palestinian Authority to fight terrorism. "This is not against the Palestinian people," Clinton said during a tour of a section of the wall being built around Jerusalem. "This is against the terrorists. I am tired and sick of being called anti-Jew, neo Nazi or a Jew hater for criticizing Israel's numerous human rights violations and opposing Israel and actually supporting US interests over Israel. How can we call Israel a democracy when it outlaws non Jews from marrying Jews? How about jailing and abusing Palestinian women and children. How can any elected public official in the house or senate still have the audacity to support this little terror state that time after time steals and sells US State and Military secrets and especially what Israel did when it attackedthe USS Liberty and blamed it on Egypt. Longer video with the actual crew members on board the USS Liberty during the attack by Israel can be seen here. We have to stand up against the what Israel is doing creates and a good example is by George Galloway.
  1. Will sell away national interests such as ports and highways to foreign owned companies. Just like Bill Clinton did when he sold the ports to the Communist Chinese during his administration. He actually allowed the Chinese to have a naval base on us soil even after their history of espionage towards the US. I was amazed at how little no one called her out on her bs when she said "planed to introduce legislation that would block Dubai Ports World or any other company owned by a foreign government from operating US ports". A couple of years too late Hillary. We have to stop selling away our ports and infrastructure.
  1. She voted for the amnesty bill for Illegal immigration. Another issue that I might disagree from most of you readers here. People who KNOWINGLY cross the border without the permission of Local, State, and Federal government should not be rewarded with US citizenship. The law is the law. I still find it hard to believe and amazed that there still people who think enforcing the laws that we have are called racists. Lou Dobbs is right on the money and progressives should stop calling him racist for pointing out the facts. Just because you want laws to be followed and oppose tax payer dollars going to law breakers doesn't make you a racist. Is that too much to understand and ask? I get steamingly angry when supposed "liberal" media outlets only talk about the so called benefits of illegal immigration and ignore the negative effects. Supporting illegal immigrants is very costly. A numbers look at Illegal immigration. The consequences are great if we just stand by and be strong armed by people who don't respect this country's laws and sovereignty. What is hard to understand requiring people who want to migrant here, obey and respect the laws of the land? Are the immigration laws racist?. Illegal immigration HURTS the middle class. If you come here illegally without permission from the U.S government and its citizenry, you are a CRIMINAL regardless of what you think. Obey the damn laws. Another note we have to start addressing the Reconquista and Azlan Movement that is supported not by the majority of Mexicans, but a militant few. It is nothing but bad news. Just take a look what these militant open border advocates do to when they see a American flag being raised. Who would be offended by the Stars and Stripes? This needs to be asked and I find it commonly that question is usually asked by conservatives when debating with liberals. This issue will be major factor in the coming election. Just look at Los Angeles. Hispanics are targeting blacks for just being black. They are ethnic cleansing blacks.

"A comprehensive study of hate crimes in Los Angeles County released by the University of Hawaii in 2000 concluded that while the vast majority of hate crimes nationwide are not committed by members of organized groups, Los Angeles County is a different story. Researchers found that in areas with high concentrations, or "clusters," of hate crimes, the perpetrators were typically members of Latino street gangs who were purposely targeting blacks.

Anti-black violence conducted by Latino gangs in Los Angeles has been ongoing for more than a decade. A 1995 Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) report about Latino gang activity in the Normandale Park neighborhood declared, "This gang has been involved in an ongoing program to eradicate Black citizens from the gang neighborhood." A 1996 LAPD report on gangs in east Los Angeles stated, "Local gangs will attack any Black person that comes into the city."

But while the Latino gangs' racial terror campaign is not new, gang experts and law enforcement authorities say the intensity and frequency of anti-black terrorism is now escalating, as the amount of turf in Los Angeles claimed by Latino gangs continues to increase rapidly. And, as more and more blacks leave inner-city L.A.

Anti-black violence conducted by Latino gangs in Los Angeles has been ongoing for more than a decade. A 1995 Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) report about Latino gang activity in the Normandale Park neighborhood declared, "This gang has been involved in an ongoing program to eradicate Black citizens from the gang neighborhood." A 1996 LAPD report on gangs in east Los Angeles stated, "Local gangs will attack any Black person that comes into the city". Source:


  1. She hasn't spoken out against the NAFTA Super highway that the will destroy our trucking industry and increase the loss of us national security, civil liberties and national sovereignty. All Americans should oppose the other NAFTA highway that is being built from South America to Canada. The NAFTA Super Corridor plan is ultimately to reduce the transportation costs of using cheap labor in China, South Korea and Indonesia to produce goods for American markets bypassing West Coast ports in the U.S. means bypassing U.S. union wages.

The NAFTA Super Corridor plan is ultimately to reduce the transportation costs of using cheap labor in China, South Korea and Indonesia to produce goods for American markets. Bypassing West Coast ports in the U.S. means bypassing U.S. union wages. Mexican port and rail transport are expected to keep the shipping costs low. Also, allowing free access to the U.S. to Mexican trucks means that the containers can be moved through the U.S. by Mexican nationals, again bypassing Teamster union wages and benefits typically paid U.S. truck drivers.

  1. Just like Joe Lieberman, she wants to dictate to me what movies I should watch and video games that I should play. Her and Liebernman introduced legislation that would do that. This is bad legislation based on bad myths and is unconstitutional. I am a avid gamer and don't want the government coming into territory where they have to set the boundaries instead of the consumer.

"For game designers, musicians and movie makers, the ratings systems already have put a stranglehold on creativity, expression and quality. Anyone who doubts this should watch for headlines about movie producers or game designers scrambling to obtain permissible PG-13, R or Teen ratings"

Unlike most industries, the Video game industry regulates itself extremely well. But since it is easy to say " Think of the children, do it for the children. Don't you want to take care of the children? You like children right?" bandwagon politicians jump on real quick. Again if parents are doing there job and interacting with their children, knowing what they watch, do and play, there would be no major problems. But when things go bad they blame gangsta rap, movies and TV. They blame everyone BUT themselves!!! Some of you may not really care about this issue due to demographics( I am 20 yr old male) but to me I do care about it since it is in realm of government censorship in what I see and play. Here is what’s at stake.

"Game content is constitutionally protected, and efforts to regulate the distribution of games and their content is dangerous, unwarranted, and an infringement on the free speech and artistic rights of game creators. Government does not regulate access to or sale of movies, books, and cable TV. There is no government mandate to show ID when seeing or buying an R-rated movie, and there is no reason to hold video games to higher scrutiny. These legislative actions on video games by politicians, many of whom don't even know how to play them, creates a double standard for this innovative medium. But if the attack on video games works, what's to stop elected officials from going after the other media we enjoy also? Government regulation based on games' content will stifle creativity, and will have a chilling effect on game publishers who may feel the need to dilute content due to the threat of government action and fines".

MIT professor Henry Jenkins does a good job debunking myths about videogames.

With '08 just around the corner, the party should be able to defeat any republican for access to the White house but it seems that the same people who like the status quo (DLC crowd) and dislike the net roots will do what ever they can to shut us and over grassroots movement down.

You can just see and feel it. The polls are showing that too. It's pretty clear though that Iraq is the one issue that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is seeking to avoid at all costs, which is why she's having her fundraisers put the hard sell on donors. She wants to suck up all the campaign money before Democratic base voters have a chance to consider the implications of her support for the war in Iraq. - Matt Stoller

This is what Ed Schultz says about her.

"Convincing Hillary Clinton and her arrogant handlers of that is a different battle in itself. We are known for connecting with the newsmakers as well as any talk show.

Many of you have requested hearing from Hillary on progressive talk especially The Ed Schultz Show. I want you to know our producer James Holm tirelessly works the contacts and has repeatedly tried to connect with Clinton's people. Cutting to the chase, Hillary's people treat us like dirt. We are constantly disregarded, told things that aren't true, and given speculation an interview might happen someday.

Quite frankly, I'm sick of it. This morning I watched Hillary Clinton tell CNN she is accessible. What? To the TV cameras yes, to the base of loyal listeners on progressive talk radio, absolutely not! Reaching over 2.5 million listeners who are engaged in changing the country I believe qualifies us for some attention. I realize Hillary is an international figure and star but this pattern of treatment to The Ed Schultz Show has been an on-going pattern which tells me all they care about is her mug on TV.

The conservatives have done wonders with audio continually talking to and solidifying their base. It's apparent to me radio is minor to the people surrounding this leading candidate. When Wendy and I see Hillary from time to time she is more than respectful, likeable, and seemingly interested in how we are doing. But when it comes to supplying any workable connection to helping progressive talk it all falls short".

Hillary tells us how much she cares about progressives on radio but we just don't get the love. I just thought as listeners you might want to know this.

I couldn't agree more. SNL had a great parody of her. If she thinks that she can pull the wool over our eyes and fool us, she has something else coming for her during the campaign season. Do you agree with me?

by Young Dem

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