Friday, February 23, 2007

"All Candidates are pro-Israel"

The worm is turning, my friends - Americans are awakening.

Letter to the editor from Beaver Falls, Pa:

Who are we going to vote for on the Republican side? You have Brownback, Gilmore, Gingrich, Giuliani, Hagel, etc.

On the Democratic side, you have Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Obama, Edwards, Gravel and the list goes on.

What is the common link to all these candidates? All the hopefuls for the office of the president have put the interest of Israel ahead of the best interest and security of the United States. Why?

The Bush administration talks of democracy, but when the Palestinian people voted the wrong faction (Hamas) into power, according to the Bush administration, the United States wages economic war on the Palestinians.

The one-sided policy of the United States in regard to the Middle East makes the United States out as the enemy of any country seeking justice.

The United States has used its veto power in the United Nations numerous times to defeat any attempt to rein in the expansion of Israel into Palestinian land. Why?

The presidential candidates mentioned above must not be Israeli lobbyists but Americans first.

They must put the interest and security of the United States above all else.

Stephen F. Kislock III
Beaver Falls (PA)

Sure the evidence is anecdotal. But, not to be ignored. Americans are fed up.

If we do our job - each and every one of us - by 2008, Americans will demand change.

And any candidate who dares put israeli interests before American interests and before JUSTICE will bow their heads down in shame.

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