Friday, February 16, 2007

“Israel is ready to bury the hatchet — along with the Palestinians”

February 14th, 2007

Shimon Peres in Doha with goats presented by the Emir of Qatar.

Doha, Qatar — The Emir of Qatar has offered to bear the child of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, officials say. Impressed by Peres’s courage in launching an assault on a UN refugee compound in 1996 that killed 102 terrorist children and women, the Emir presented him with a pair of goats (pictured above) and named a down pillow after him, said one senior official.

The Palestinian issue has been the main cause of friction between the two peoples. But in the person of Peres, some analysts say the Emir sees hope for a permanent solution to the Palestinian problem.

“There can’t be peace in the Middle East without a lasting solution to the Palestinian problem”, said the Emir. “The problem can only be resolved by addressing its root cause: the Palestinians.”

“If we eliminate the Palestinians”, he emphasized, “the problem with disappear along with them”.

He welcomed Peres’s historic visit to Qatar and praised Peres for his contributions to Middle East peace, including the historic bombing of a refugee compound in Qana.

“Together we can ensure that the Middle East rests in peace” added the Emir, know as “Fat fuck” to close friends, such as the former CIA Director George Tenet .

Peres thanked the Emir for his generosity. While he accepted the goats (reluctantly, according to one source), he declined the Emir’s other offer since, with the present Israeli citizenship laws, which don’t grant automatic citizenship to Arab children, he feels the child’s future may be uncertain.

Peres declared, “Israel is ready to bury the hatchet — along with the Palestinians”.

The goats could not be reached for comments.

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