Friday, February 16, 2007

Rawstory runs CCNWON Correction! "Terror Free Oil"?

My following note is now in the comments section to the RS article," Filler up with freedom! Activist opens 'terror-free' gas station.
I am pleased to see Rawstory cover this issue.

This venue is ideal for getting the story out about 'possible'(lawyer code word to avoid legal hassles) deception by this 'activist'.

I offer two articles for your consideration that may convince you we've been had.

On first seeing the company's television commercial, I felt disgusted that all Middle Easterners were being painted with the same brush as terrorists.

I first came across this story, "Media fall for pro-Israel hate group's "Terror Free Oil""

The second story,"Is "Terror-Free Oil" Really Snake Oil?", clearly indicates a scam may be taking place.

A comprehensive investigation of this company is called for.



Now that I am at it ,Josh at TalkingPointsMemo ran an incorrect story yesterday and has refused to fix it after I notified him. I may provide the story on this later. Time to move on to the daily news. Enjoy.

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