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Obama to AIPAC: Won't rule out nuking Iran

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March 3, 2007

Sen. Barack Obama said Friday the use of military force should not be taken off the table when dealing with Iran, which he called "a threat to all of us."

Speaking before a pro-Israel crowd at a downtown hotel, Obama also repeated his call for a phased pullout of U.S. troops from Iraq and strongly backed a strong U.S. relationship with Israel.

Earlier in the day, the Republican National Committee took aim at Obama, issuing a research memo aimed at highlighting the Illinois freshman senator's lack of experience on foreign affairs. That the gloves-are-off memo was even generated at this time is a testament to Obama's growing strength in the Democratic primary field.

Obama campaign spokesman Dan Pfeiffer dismissed the Republican memo as an "example of the type of politics Barack Obama is hoping to change." He said Obama has spoken out against the war for years.

Iranian leader 'reckless'
While he was being attacked in Washington, Obama was in friendly territory in Chicago as he appeared at a forum attended by 800 members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, an influential pro-Israel lobby. He received a standing ovation from the crowd and a hug from one of the group's leaders.

Obama said global leaders must do whatever it takes to stop Iran from enriching uranium and acquiring nuclear weapons. He called Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "reckless, irresponsible and inattentive" to the day-to-day needs of the Iranian people.

The Iranian "regime is a threat to all of us," Obama said.

While Obama wouldn't rule out force, he said the United States should engage in "aggressive diplomacy combined with tough sanctions" to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear threat.

Visited Israel last year
Again taking aim at the Bush administration and the war in Iraq, he said the war had actually strengthened Iran's influence in the region. He noted the war had spurned "anti-U.S. and further anti-Israel propaganda."

Obama told of a trip he took to Israel in January 2006, visiting a village that resembled a suburb in the United States. He said he was deeply moved by a visit to a home hit by a rocket launched by Hezbollah.

"Our job is to never forget that the threat of violence is real," he said.

Obama's appearance was seen as a move to court Jewish donors, although the event wasn't a fund-raiser. He did pose for photos with AIPAC members at a private reception before the speech. Although the event was billed as a "forum," he took no questions from the audience or media and left immediately after his half-hour speech.

Even though many in the crowd endorsed his remarks, some said they are waiting to hear more from him in the coming months to better gauge his position on Israel and other foreign-policy questions.

"He is an unknown," said Diane Dubey, an AIPAC member from Lincolnwood.

Others said Obama, who largely read from prepared remarks, seemed slightly less passionate about the topic than presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who spoke at AIPAC's national convention last year. Both Clinton and Obama will be at the convention March 11 in Washington.

"He speaks beautifully, but we don't find a lot of emotion in what he says," said Mark Sherman of Northbrook.

BY DAVE NEWBART Staff Reporter

Contributing: Lynn Sweet


Marc Parent mparent7777 mparent CCNWON said...

Nice work, Obama, you just lost my vote.
If you feel good about taking money and endorsements from an organization whose members commit espionage against the United States, you're not going to get a lot of votes from folks like me.

ISRAOIL said...

I love to ask Obomba--If the real guys were found not to be Arab but all USA/Mossad agents that did 911, what are you going to do about them at AIPAC ?

Anonymous said...

USA has 130 military bases around the world Iran is particularly surrounded by USA military logistics and the entire US army is at Iran's door steps.
How did Obama figured out Iran is a threat to all of us when Iran hasn't got a single soldier outside its teritory.
OBama speech was written in Tel Aviv
I wonder Why Obama or else should go to AIPAC and declare loyalty.
One has to admire how the zionist octopus rained on the entire Usrael States.
The whole world is laughing at you.
USA is occupied in the most sofisticated way.

Marc Parent mparent7777 mparent CCNWON said...


More like 800 bases, though.

Anonymous said...

I understand that sleazebag Rahm Emanuel has insinuated himself into Obama's campaign. Could he have written the speech? Other than their money, Obama wont need AIPAC's vote.

But if the Nutcase-in-Chief bombs Iran before the 08 election, AIPAC is going to have a lot more than the presidential nominees to worry about: 85% of the US will be, rightfully or wrongfully, virulently anti-semitic. Especially when they find out that our nukes were meant to eliminate imaginary weapons that threatened only Israel. (And ditto when they find out Rahm Emanuel was the guy who pushed through NAFTA over Dem/Repub objections, and helped China take our manufacturing jobs; and they find out AIPAC is behind making immigration a clarion issue because the growing Latino population wont vote Jewish values. read about some of that here:

Oded Tira's rant at,7340,L-3346275,00.html is available for all to see. (get yer copy now) When Joe Public has to pay $50/gal for gas and can't afford the high cost of food because of shipping prices, and the truckers can't afford to work, 5,000,000+ Iranian civilians are dead with another five in India and Pakistan suffering from radiation fallout all because Israel feels threatened even with 200 nukes under its belt. . . the social fallout here will be devastating. That's when AIPAC is going to feel the heat. For the record, sensible Israelis want nothing to do with their crazy American cousins:

So you watch, every single prez candidate is gonna make the trek to AIPAC and everyone of them will be strong-armed to say the same thing to that treasonous crowd. Sounds like Obama's heart wasn't in it, or am I making excuses for him. I'll have to watch how he handles the Selma crowd tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The more I research topics like this, the more I'm coming to believe that Judaism, in particular the Talmud, is a form of mental illness. My mother had a severe religious-oriented mental illness and the simularities are striking.

Calling Russia's bluff on nuclear war is like betting your rent on what you think is a sure thing. If you're wrong, the risk far outweighs the gain.

Anonymous said...

Here are the links for Rahm Emanuel and NAFTA:

Anonymous said...

It's simply amazing how many people actually believe their votes are added up.
Sad to say, others make the call who is to be the next President, Prime Minister, even lowly dictator.

" can get away with a virtual President , virtual Prime Minister, virtual anything."

President Clinton realized early on that someone else makes the decisions for him.

And it wasn't Hilary.

Anonymous said...

Can you guys tell me why all of these candidates should give a lecture for AIPAC???

Will they be elected by AIPAC???

should they become the president, they must first serve the interest of Israel??

Obama you just lost another vote, you are all the servant of the Israel. I have no hope for this country anymore.

Anonymous said...

The world laughs at us. Not us as in the people, but at our government. We're literally called "israel junior". These greaey politicians want a hand in the cookie jar so bad they will sit there and lick the boots of a foreign government ( AIPAC). No wonder AIPAC members strut around with daring smirks of self-satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Of course. They're smirking like Jerry Springer at you idiots because they see the real America.
They broadcast 24/7 trailer trash rednecks running around America and Iraq and Afghanistan simply because American's want that kind of entertainment. America wants blood not substance. 75% of the world's serial killers are living in America and meanwhile, American's who are so brainwashed into believing they are the rulers of the world and that it's OK to slaughter little babies only as long as they aren't Jewish or White American. Jews show the world just who really is in control of America's mind, body and spirit and America's are paying them to do so.

The jokes on you America, but your so stupid you laugh along with them.

Mary MacElveen said...

I have read this piece and it greatly disturbs me that once again, AIPAC has the ear of our elected officials. Let us get this straight. From what I have been reading, Iran does not have any nuclear capability to threaten us now and will not for at least ten more years.

Meanwhile Pakistan who harbors al Qaeda which actually did attack us has nuclear weaponry. What is to stop those war heads from falling into al Qaeda's hands?

I am tired of our foreign policy in the Middle East being directed by the folks at AIPAC.

I just wrote a piece today should anyone wish to read it concerning our support for Israel in which it can give rise to the KKK within this country.

Please go to this link:

Mary MacElveen

blackinjun said...

Ole Bama is the worst kinda black man.. a negro! A dichotomy whose cultural essence is pathological. Therefore he'll do anything to advance his colonial massa's goals and AIPAC is in line with the European elite.

Anonymous said...

Obama you lost my vote - you kiss ass soft spoken beggger - AIPAC is enemy of god, and if you take their side you take the devils side - AIPACs fund is my tax dolars which suppors criminal acts as 911 - one act proven to be conducted by the zionist and AIPAC

Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys should read this article about Obama, McCain and Clinton here. VERY comprehensive and it even has background on each of their advisors.

Anonymous said...

Obama has NOT been nominated yet , once nominated just imagine what he will do , I have asked some questions on Obama's latest changes , the excuses did not match the vote . Many for Obama have realized there mistake and now Hillary is looking better then ever . I and many others do not trust him , with Nadhmi Auchi and another billionaire George Soros , using there huge wealth to Fix an Amercan Election , this is not the Change we had in Mind , I joined PUMA , great information there . Many Delegates and Super Delegates have second thoughts now , please , everyone for the USA please let them all know , he is not the Change we want or the Change he Campaigned on . Clinton MUST be on the first Ballot even Dean , with 14% of the Vote was on . We do not change to fit a stolen election . Obama supporters are waking up , we still have a choise , soon there will be none action is needed now !