Thursday, March 29, 2007

War with Iran will destroy U.S. and the world

The Herald-Dispatch

Peter Chamberlin

March 29, 2007

The neocon plan for world domination goes on. Even without former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and all the other key players, the violent plan to remake the Middle East in our image is now shifting into a higher gear. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of a clock counting down. Bush is running out of time.

The majority of the American people think that the war in Iraq has been a series of "mistakes" that have destabilized the region and have given Iran a big boost. People such as Dick Cheney insist that all is going swimmingly. They deny that anyone can stop them from doing whatever they please; the will of the American people does not matter. The war will expand into Iran, regardless of the will of the people.

There are now so many lit fuses leading into Iran that an explosive confrontation in the very near future is almost certain. The crisis of the British sailors held -- in retaliation for the U.S. grabbing an Iranian general and arresting diplomats -- will be resolved in days, according to Tony Blair. American/Israeli-sponsored Sunni terrorist groups, operating out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan (Kurdish PPK, Saddam's MEK and Pakistani Balochs) have been staging bomb attacks in Iranian cities with significant civilian casualties.

UN sanctions against Iran might carry military penalties. Israeli reports dwell on the need to destroy Iranian reactors before they are fueled. Congress caved to the Israeli-American lobby and dropped efforts to block new unauthorized wars.

While Congress and the American people are distracted by the sleight of hand that the mainstream media calls "the surge," the real surge is set to take place in the Persian Gulf.

European sources report high-level governmental leaks that the war with Iran is set to commence in April. Middle Eastern sources report the same. Whenever it begins, the entire world will fall apart when it does, as the Middle East goes up in flames and the global economy is destroyed by $100-per-barrel oil.

Supporters of immediate military action to disarm Iran and to overthrow the mullahs have fully bought into the incendiary propaganda onslaught from the mainstream media.

They believe that Iran (like Iraq before it) really represents a credible threat to the U.S. They accept the idea of America fighting Israel's wars for it. Their blind loyalty causes them to strike out at anyone who dares to challenge the president's bloody losing strategy in the war. They want us to follow Bush, no matter what, even if he leads us over a cliff. They equate loyalty to a counterfeit hero, to patriotism.

Patriots would not allow any leader to destroy our democratic constitutional republic.

If the lost president cannot be reeled in by the American people or by his own dad, he will destroy everything that he has claimed to champion.

If either Israel or the United States is allowed to bomb Iran, then the little war that we call Iraq will be seen as the long-running "firefight" that it really is (not a real war between two military powers).

At that time, the political divisions that keep us Americans at each others' throats today will fall away as democracy falls to martial law, and freedom dies at our own hand.

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