Wednesday, April 25, 2007 is back

I f anybody interested Islammemo back to business, it is unknown yet if Alhajiri released from prison or not but the team managed to comeback.

The 65 years old Alhajiri is well known among Arab news-addicted seekers.

Started Islammemo in 2001 alone with two people to assist him in a period of two years the team exceeded 200 people [editors, journalists in every Muslim country, translators..etc].

The only article Alhajiri wrote called “Death of a Smile” quoting profit Mohamed and early Muslims saying that the best way for Muslims to win the hearts and minds of people from other cultures is a smile and not vulgarity and oppression.

Use this translation tool from arabic to english, etc.

Islam Memo is an important source of news from Iraq. Few westerners are covering the situation on the ground, whereas Islammemo provides stories from Iraqi reporters from throughout Iraq.

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