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Israel's Citibank Fischer to World Bank! Turkey and Estonia Explode

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Citibank circle expands. Wolfowitz goes, not so quietly, so that Citibank Executive Stanley Fischer, our man in Israel, can replace him at the World Bank!
To understand this happy coincidence of events, see my blog entry from December 7, 2006,
Following forward from this previous blog entry of December 7, 2006 with more information not included in it, I linked to an article which said Turkey's Akbank is now partnered with Citibank and Iran's Parsian and, in turn, Akbank is bidding for Turkey's second largest state bank, Halkbank. Here's the direct link regarding this from a previous blog,
Further on, recently, "Turkey's Halkbank Launches IPO"
Unfortunately for them all, Turkey's political volatility continues, a story I've been following, and "the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray..." Over a million demonstrated in Turkey today, and, as well, Turkey's military has issued more warnings to the Islamist forces in government, Reporting about this abounds on the internet.

Now, flowing forward, regarding the World Bank, IMF, the UN and all of their upcoming roles in Iraq, at the following website you will find all the information labelled the "International Compact with Iraq," and the UN sponsored upcoming conference in Egypt on May 3,
About this, just this morning, I happened to listen, that is, monitor, on C-Span, a call-in program with director of Iraq's Red Crescent, another from the bottomless pit of Iraq expatriates and anti-Saddamists, Dr. Said Hakki, discussing the necessity for international intervention and collaboration on Iraq's humanitarian crisis, the origins of which he managed to attribute to Hussein. For more in addition to all the material I have/had on my blogs on the economic, political and military formula to internationalize Iraq, altho you can't access the full stories without a subscription, nonetheless, go to
And in the south of Iraq, related to all of the above, "Basra Factions Gear Up for Fight," Lots more available on this from multiple sources. The dispute surrounding Iraq's new oil law continues, "Iraq's Oil Deals Must Only be Signed by Central Government," In regard to resolving the above, once more, you can expect Maliki's disappearance along with Allawi's reappearance and the World Bank, IMF and UN.

While all this is happening, riots, protests and death occured in Estonia. rioting and death which received almost no media attention in the US. People to whom I've spoken, here, those NOT on the internet, are completely unaware of these explosive Estonian developments, much less its meaning and significance. I've had lots and lots of information on my previous blogs regarding the relationship of the US Congressional Baltic Caucus, Kucinich, PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) and their equation of Nazism with Communism, the recent unanimous US Congress's NATO Expansion Act, missile defense in Eastern Europe, the interlocking relationships of those above with the folks and position of, their role in internationalizing Iraq, "Washington's Geostrategic Shift and Silent Coup," etc. Not only is the American corporate and commercial media predictably silent about all this, or, spinning it as they will, but, as well, a deafening, pall like conspiracy of silence permeates those who present themselves in a totally unprincipled manner as the official spokespersons for the "peace movement," the "Left," liberals, organized labor, alternatives, opposition, and on and on. Well, ALL of them bear the ENORMOUS historical consequences, repercussions and implications of what follows from their unprincipled, opportunistic silence, complicity, duplicity, lack of courage, outrage, protest and "righteous indignation."

To understand the real meaning of my blog, I will end with an eloquent blog entry about Iraq from someone else. The author of this blog is too young, (she has stated her age in a previous blog) to recall WWII, directly. That is fortunate for her. Unfortunate for her, and, all of us, however, is that her horrors are not historically new ones. They are a continuum of WWII, which never really ended, but, morphed, instead, into "Cold War" policies. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, they are now official policy and Hot War. So, her piece, "Something About Liberation..."

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