Sunday, April 29, 2007

Peeling the Onion

Saturday, April 28, 2007

What Heart of Darkness festers in the center of the Bush/Republican Onion?

We know and read about the small stuff. Of course, it really isn't small stuff; it's just small stuff "relative to" the big stuff -- you know, the treasonous stuff, the planet killing stuff, the 3rd millennia crusade against Islam stuff.

For openers, it's now common knowledge now that 9/11 could have been prevented. Dear God, they had a blizzard of warnings -- all ignored. But how many layers into the onion is the answer to WHY

these warnings were systematically ignored? What "payoff" did Bush & Cheney, etc. get by ignoring these warnings?

Most of us suspect that the answer is that 9/11 was ignored for treasonous political reasons. They knew that a terrorist attack would help Bush's political capital. Simple as that. Plus, there's also the possibility that 9/11 was (how shall we put it?) more than allowed . . .

Now that, my friends, is big BIG stuff!

The question is will the committees (especially the post 2008 committees) be able to shine legal/constitutional light on these all too realistic possibilities? Will they be able to prove once and for all that the fanatical neocons criminally betrayed America just to drag president pinhead out the political toilet he was in before 9/11?

And speaking of neocons, how far down into the onion are the deep roots of the neocon cabal? To what lunatic fringe of what country is the neocon lobby answering to? They certainly don't represent the well being and national security of the United States of America, as their track of record of failure, genocide, and bankruptcy of the American economy abundantly demonstrates. So are we ever going to find out who has "really" been pulling the strings of American foreign policy? And still is.

Of course, much of the core stuff we already know, even though we've spent most of our country's history being in denial about it. The last seven years have rubbed our patriotic faces in the infinitely ugly truth that our country is now (and always has been) a Dictatorship of the Rich. Said differently, this still is the Middle Ages and the one or two percent are still treating all the rest of us like cattle. We pay the taxes, we fight the wars (see any Bush's in Iraq?), and we clean their commodes. Here's just one of thousands of examples: in the last few years, Texas energy company profits of gone up SEVERAL HUNDRED percent. How are you doing at the pumps these days?

So, deep in the onion is a Class War, and boy are the middle and lower Classes getting slaughtered!

Lastly, where in the onion is hard evidence that things like global warming, expanding ozone holes, stifled medical research, etc., etc., are directly related to policies engineered by nutcase religious fanatics who actually WANT the Earth to die? Let's face it, George's Armageddon death wish is right there in that army of brain less religious fanatics who anticipate being "lifted up" any day now. Yeah, right. The point is, the rapturettes have made their choice, and it's ain't the Earth. The Earth is precisely what they can't wait to be "saved" from. Mother Nature for these people is not a mythological goddess, she's a whore to be used and abused.

And speaking of which, isn't it interesting that this whole complex of pug fundamentalists have so much contempt for anything feminine, e.g., "Mother" Nature. No, they like that 'ol time (male) religion that has always subjugated and exploited women.

Here's a final thought. What do you bet that somewhere in this filthy onion is organized crime? We shouldn't forget that the more constitutional governments disintegrate (like now!), the more organized crime has a feeding frenzy. Plus, the pugs are sure plugged into Florida . . .


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Posted by W. Christopher Epler at 2:57 PM


Anonymous said...

"For openers, it's now common knowledge now that 9/11 could have been prevented. Dear God, they had a blizzard of warnings -- all ignored."

For openers, the author of this article needs to pull his head out of his ass. It's now common knowledge that the twin towers were felled by explosives, and that zionists in our government and Israel's were responsible for 9-11. This fool is still talking about "ignored warnings." Either he's an idiot, or he's working for the government on a "limited hang-out" explanation. Either way, no one needs to read this non-sense.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon, but you are both somewhat correct. There were warnings that it would happen and that Bush ignored those warnings-despite they came from our own allies.

As far as JUST Israeli involvement-no-they are not the only problem in your senario-do more research google 911 scholars

Chuck said...

This may point you in the righ direction

also - I had this published

Newshawk: The DARE Generation
Votes: 0
Pubdate: Wed, 17 Sep 2003
Source: Good 5 Cent Cigar (RI Edu)
Copyright: 2003 Good 5 Cent Cigar
Author: Chuck Beyer


To the Cigar,

Once you understand the concepts of fractional reserve banking and stock market leverage you will understand why the US pushes drug prohibition so much and why drug prohibition is the biggest corporate rip-off ever invented.

In our fractional reserve banking system banks can lend ten times or more on the money that you deposit . Catherine Austin Fitts - undersecretary of housing in the first Bush administration estimates that the worlds drug economy is about $500 billion annually. She also estimates that half of this money will reach American banks.

Once these banks get a hold of that $250 Billion they can lend 10 time that amount or about $2.5 Trillion. The biggest borrower of this drug-derived cash is the US government. Now, to complete the circle, the banksdonate some of this money to politicians.

Fitts also showed how a lot of this money leverages the stock market. A stock trades at 20 - 30 times its annual dividend. So, for example - if you have a publicly traded company worth $2 million and cook the books to ad $100,000 in illegal drug money annually within a year that company is worth twice as much because of the stock trades at 30 times the dividend, which increases due to the drug cash.

The fact is that the US and the world are awash in a sea of drug money. Drug prohibition, which at some point may have been implemented with good intentions is today merely a tool for banks, CEO's and politicians to fill their pockets and they can only do it by putting our children in jail.

Maybe Canada will the first to send this sorry lot back to do honest work and legalize drugs.


Lady Jane said...

The Quran states that everyone will follow Islam "willingly or unwillingly".

Unwillingly is when people refuse to follow the direct orders and instead suffer the consequences.
Both the obvious ones that we can see on the news every single day and those in the afterlife.

Submission is the easy way. Non muslims just insist on going the "hard way" AND paying the price for their ommissions, failures and obscuring the actual laws of God.

Salaams and I invite everyone to Islam.

Anonymous said...

To Lady Jane-I looked at your blog-I see it is filled mostly with anti-Zionist anger. The God I know(in Christ) speaks of love,not hate. That's why you'll never find the answer in the Quran. I wish you the best.