Wednesday, April 18, 2007

US Tax season: Action day against occupation and war


16. April 2007

In the US, there is a saying that “two things are only certain in life: Death and Taxes“.

Tax deadline in the US is traditionally on April 15, however, this year it was extended to April 17th because April 15th was a Sunday and Monday is public holidays.

anti_freedom_symbol__Ben_HeineAnyway, here are relevant facts and figures for US taxpayers:

  • Percentage of US discretionary budget spent on education and other social services: 8%
  • Percentage of US discretionary budget spent for military: 57% (but the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan are funded in supplementary budget requests so must be add to that!)
  • US Military Budget as a percent of World total military expenditures: 49%
  • Number of Americans classified as “food insecure” in 2004: 38 million
  • Number of Americans without health insurance: 45 million
  • Total direct aid to Israel 1948-2006: $255 billion
  • Total Cost of US Support for Israel: $1.688 trillion (not counting money and lives lost in Israel propelled wars like Iraq, not counting loss of $trillions in business with the rest of the world because of US support for Israel etc)
  • Federal aid for each resident in Louisiana in 2002 (from their taxes): $1,500
  • Direct U.S. aid for each Israeli citizen in 2003 (per capita income in Israel-$16,710; they do not pay taxes to the US): $581
  • Direct U.S. aid for each Ethiopian citizen in 2004 (per capita income in Ethiopia - $110): $2.50
  • Percentage of U.S. foreign aid that goes to Israel: 27%
  • Population of Israel as percentage of total world population: 0.1%
  • Number of Palestinian minors killed by Israeli security forces (2000-2007): 814
  • Total number of Palestinians injured or killed (September 2000-April 2007): 31,296
  • Number of bullets fired by Israeli security forces in the first week of the second Intifada: 1,300,000
  • Number of unexploded Israeli bombs strewn across South Lebanon after the 2006 war: 1,000,000 or 1.4 per resident

If you need more info on how your government spent your taxes, check out this:

Action: Tell Your Rep. TODAY: No More Money for Bush’s War!

[Source: Mazin Qumsiyeh, Image by Ben Heine]

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