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Where Lies, Neo-Cons, Scandals and Crime Intersect...

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You always find Vickie**

It's hard to tell if she only represents her "friends," or purposely goes looking for the stinkiest, most mired-in-Neo-Conservative-Mud cases she can find:

International Herald Tribune

Unusual trip to Iraq in '03 for Wolfowitz** companion
By Steven R. Weisman and David E. Sanger Published: April 17, 2007

WASHINGTON: The Defense Department directed a private contractor in 2003 to hire Shaha Ali Riza, a World Bank employee and the companion of Paul Wolfowitz**, then the deputy secretary of defense, to spend a month studying issues related to setting up a new government in Iraq, the contractor said Monday.

The contractor, Science Applications International Corporation, or SAIC, said that it had been directed to hire Riza by the office of the under secretary for policy. The head of that office at the time was Douglas Feith, who reported to Wolfowitz.
Good Lord!! That stinks to high heaven already!!! Good thing she didn't do anything illegal:

Victoria Toensing**, a lawyer representing Riza, said this evening that Riza went to Iraq as a volunteer and took a leave of absence from the World Bank, paying for her own benefits while she was on leave.
Hmmmm.... why would she need a lawyer, let alone Vickie**?:

In a telephone interview, Feith said: "It doesn't ring any bells. I just do not recall any such thing." He said that the Pentagon policy office had a large staff, budget and number of contracts, and that the SAIC disclosure could mean the contract was arranged by "somebody in the Pentagon or somebody in my office."

It was not clear why the Pentagon specifically asked for Riza to travel to Iraq. At the time, however, the World Bank did not have a relationship with Iraq. Normal bank rules do not allow the bank to provide economic assistance to an area under military occupation.
Doug Feith**, he of great moral character doesn't remember, so it couldn't have been illegal or untoward.

Good thing.

**Pround Member In Standing Of
The Neo-Con Incestous Reach Around Club or NIRAC.

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