Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Occupation 101

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Occupation 101

Supporters of Occupation 101

The long awaited U.S. release of 'Occupation 101' is finally here. The official DVD release date is set for May 15th 2007. You will be able to purchase the DVD online at (U.S only). In our last email we mentioned a tentative April 07 release -- that was our initial plan but we encountered some unforeseen delays and thus decided on May 15, 2007 as the release date (which is also the 59th Anniversary of the creation of Israel -- and the Palestinian 'Nakba')

This has been a long journey for us. We started working on the film in March of 2001 and we know that some of you must be frustrated that it has taken this long to release a DVD. What many of you don't know is that we are only two individuals who have produced this film and producing a film is a very (very)expensive process. Not only did financial constraints
delay our production -- but we also had to do everything from producing, interviewing, directing, videography, editing, website design and development, etc... basically every aspect of the filmmaking process (except for music composition and visual animation).

We have had many amazing experiences screening 'Occupation 101' in film festivals and colleges
throughout the United States -- it has been widely accepted by audiences -- the general public not only becomes informed about the facts, but always asks us about how they can personally take action and help end the occupation!

'Occupation 101' has also won several awards at film
festivals. Our most recent recognition came from the
2007 International Beverly Hills Film Festival -- We
won the 'Golden Palm Award' given to the best film in
all categories (the festival's most prestigious
honor), and we also picked up the award for 'Best

We are very proud of this film and we feel that --
with the grace of God -- it will benefit everyone who
sees it. Your patience and support over the years has
been great. We appreciate all of you for hanging in
there with us. For those of you who live outside the
United States -- we are figuring out ways to make this
film available to you as soon as possible -- so please
be patient with us. We will continue to update you
with any information.

Again thank you all for your amazing support and kind
words of inspiration.

Take care and God bless you all.


Occupation 101 Team

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