Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tricky Dicky Transfer

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A reader responds to, "A Case Against Cheney".
Tricky Dicky Transfer

You can tell Richard Cohen is educated in hasbara techniques.

One is called "transfer", this is where you take prestige and authority from one concept and apply it to another.

In this case, Cohen knows that if he comes out guns blazing in opposition, he'll damage his credibility. Instead, he takes the idea of impeachment and transfers it to "unforgivable".

Another very telling sign, is how he saves the "transfer" for the very end of his propaganda, so it's the last thought the reader is left with, knowing that that is the one that counts, along with the beginning.

Again, in the beginning, Cohen sets us up, another tactic found in the hasbara handbook, where capturing the readers attention is most important. He does this by trying to minimize the alledged crimes of Cheney by comparing them to simple "lies". He reveals why he suggests this in the first paragraph by, "transferring" his argument to Clinton rhetoric in the second.

Cohen is pretty good, looks like we have more then one tricky dicky in the neocon house of Cheney.

In a similar fashion, two can play this game, because we have now transferred Richard's propaganda, to the tactics used by militant zionist propagandists.

The only difference, unlike Richard Cohen, I am being honest about the technique I'm using and telling you the truth. May 2, 2007 8:51:00 AM MDT

The Hasbara Playbook


Anonymous said...

Once you know the playbook, it's easy to intercept the zionist hail mary passes.

Your readers may want to familiarize themselves with it, so they can avoid becoming victims of intellectual terrorism, wich is not free speech, as suggested by people like David Horowitz and his so called "students for academic freedom" or Charles Jacobs' "CAMERA". You won't be surprised to see how they too, like to use selective "free speech" truths, to further their political agendas.

Download the Hasbara Handbook

David Horowitz's "academic" standards: Under fire, right-wing campus watchdog admits Colorado exam story is phony after accusing Media Matters of slander

Pro-Israeli lobby is silencing dissent
By George Bisharat

On the contrary, the pro-Israel lobby, joined by the Israeli government, sustains a systematic campaign to shape American public opinion. For example, the Committee on Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, known as CAMERA, harangues journalists over alleged "mistakes." In 2002, CAMERA attacked National Public Radio, claiming anti-Israel bias, including failure to report Israeli deaths. Two Boston area businessmen associated with CAMERA organized a boycott of local NPR affiliate WBUR. Meanwhile, a study of NPR's coverage by Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, or FAIR, showed that NPR had disproportionately reported Israeli deaths.


Monitoring media to ensure accuracy is a public service. Yet as besieged journalists have concluded, the goal of this campaign is not truth, but pro-Israeli advocacy and silencing dissent. WBUR's general manager Jane Christo described CAMERA's message as: "Report our point of view, or we'll shut you down." Dissenting American Jews are not spared. Jilian Redford, head of the Hillel Jewish student group at the University of Richmond was dismissed in 2004 after protesting the Israeli embassy's repeated e-mail propaganda directives. Redford saw Hillel's mission as facilitating Jewish religious life on campus, not doing "hasbara" (Hebrew for "explanation," or "propaganda" as Israel's critics call it) for the Israeli government.

Marc Parent mparent7777 mparent CCNWON said...

Good stuff, now referred to in the main article. Thanks.