Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AIPAC launches attack on state pension funds

AIPAC has demanded that all governments and organizations remove investments from any company in the world that does business with Iran.

Yesterday AIPAC especially threatened state pension funds that that have money invested in such companies.

Howard Kohr, Aipac executive director, singled out CalPERS – California’s state pension fund.

Records for 2006 show that CalPERS held over $468m in stock in Total, a French energy company with investments in Iran, plus $330m of stock in Eni, an Italian company that is also active in Iran. These foreign companies help to develop Iran's energy sector. AIPAC wants to hurt them, and hurt any organization in the world that invests in them.

Kohr said AIPAC will work with other Jewish organisations to attack pension funds in 10 states, demanding that funds pull all investments from companies that do business with Iran.

AIPAC has already forced several states to comply. These states instruct their pension funds not to invest in any company that does business with Iran, plus Syria, Sudan, Cuba and North Korea.


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