Monday, April 9, 2007


By Allyson Taylor and John Wilson
Published in: April 1, 2007

( Allyson Taylor, formerly of American Jewish Congress and has sent SPME a copy of an email from Norman Finkelstein to her that this article by John Wilson "is correct." SPME is waiting for official confirmation.)

I've heard reports that DePaul assistant professor Norman Finkelstein has been recommended for denial of tenure by the dean of liberal arts and sciences. The Political Science department voted 9 to 3 in favor of granting tenure, with three members making a minority report. The five-person College Personnel Committee was unanimous in favour of granting tenure. It appears that the primary reason given for Finkelstein's denial of tenure was his meanness to his critics in the tone of his scholarship, which is a particularly disturbing attack on academic freedom. But the real reason for denying Finkelstein tenure is likely to be the campaign by conservatives, led by Alan Dershowitz. I have previously written about the Finkelstein/Dershowitz dispute .

It will be interesting to compare this case with that of Thomas Klocek, the adjunct professor at DePaul who was suspended
after getting in an argument with Palestinian students. Will the conservatives who rightly defended Klocek make a similar argument against denying Finkelstein tenure for the crime of being rude? Of course, as a tenure-track professor, Finkelstein has far greater protections, so perhaps he will prevail against the conservative forces who want to get rid of him. But the principle that politeness should not be imposed on campuses is at stake here.

Zionism Vs Anti-Zionism: Dershowitz Tries To Get Finklestein Fired ...


Anonymous said...

Professor Finkelstein deserves tenure.

Dershowitz should be fired.

Marc Parent mparent7777 mparent CCNWON said...


Anonymous said...

Finkelstein deserves to become at Docent at Yad Vahem, or perhaps, he should work for the shoah foundation. He then should go to Hadassh Hospital in Isrel to cleam up the rooms of victims of suicide bombers, and the soldiers who had to fight in Lebanon. He should have to go live in Iran, just like the hostages of the American Embassy did under the aegis of Jimma Carter. Finkelstein should actually move to Gaza, and enjoy the fruits of his labor.
He did not deserve the honor of tenure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous maybe you should take a closer look at the barbarianism of the Israeli high command.
Why do you think there are suicide bombers? For their religion? Thats a Zionist smokescreen, just like the Jews being turned into lampshades and soap during the 'Hollowcost'.
Mr. Finkelstein has exposed the Dershowitz rant for the empty dribble that it is. Maybe one should be asking Mr. Dershowitz why his wife committed suicide after beating the crap out of her. Then again heres a guy who defended OJ Simpson, of course 'If He Had Done It',Israel has been playing the sympathy card for years. The fact is that these Khazar Zionisits have duped many through the controlled media.
Maybe you would like them to come to your house and throw you and your family out in the street, because they tell you it is their 'God' given right to do so. And by the way any simpleton who looks at the last Lebanon debacle knows it was a frame up and had been planned well in advance like Iraq.
Do we hear of the Lebanese business man and his brother who were kidnapped? No, only the 2 'stray' soldiers.
Maybe you should observe a checkpoint in the Palestinian areas or watch how innocent old ladies are stoned by Israeli children, real classy. How many right wing rabbis have called for the extermination of the Arabs. What if that was you they were calling for death on?
People hate to hear the truth, Mr. Finkelstein tells it like it is,if you like hate then hang with the Dipshitowitless crowd. You know nothing that is really going on, absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Dershowitz is a conservative? I kinda figured he's just an intolerant fanatical zionista with a poor understanding of civil discourse in a nation that pays lip service to free speech.


Anonymous said...

It seems to be true that Dershowitz did in fact beat his wife senseless, but the suicide should be investigated a little closer. Like that's going to happen.

"Dipshitowitless" Very Nice :)

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians are suicide bombers because they don't have F-16's. Any more stupid suppositions you need stuffed up yer fundaments. I am so tired of the Zionist line of propaganda. I will take all of them and sufflex them off the top rope and piledrive them through the cement floor. That is my right as a Goyim.. You know..the name that the Zion clowns refer to us that is the same type moniker as nigger.

Peter Neil Kirstein said...

It is easy to be misinformed but since my blog broke and breaks the story daily and is even linked here, here is the scoop.

Dr Finkelstein has not been denied tenure. The process is ongoing. His dean recommended against tenure. His department and college committee recommended him for it.

Anonymous said...

What was the dean's name? What are his political affiliations? Is there a conflict of interest here?

Anonymous said...

Dr Finkelstein's opponents appear to have a very strong allergy to truth, which is the main reason for all attacks against him. Dershowitz is just an expendable pawn.

Anonymous said...

I would bet Mr. Dershowitz is descended from a long line of criminals. Perhaps, his relatives were part of the elite in Communist Russia, where anti-Semitism was punishable by death.

Anonymous said...

Dershowitz has more allegiance to Israel than to the U.S. In addition, he does not respect the freedom of speech guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. The way he attacked President Carter is a clear indication that he is a dedicated Zionist.

Abdullah Mohammad Sindi,
(Ph.D. International Relations)

Scandinavian said...

I never understood how a group of European Russians duped the powers that be in the US and UK into giving them a place to call home in the MiddleEast. They may have some DNA from the original Hebrews of the old testament, but that does not give them the right to kick out the current inhabitants.

Rational discourse works well when the facts are on your side, name calling and smear campaigns work great when the facts are better kept buried.

Keep up the good work Profesor Finkelstein, you have many supporters in the the world.

Marcy / مارسي said...

For those who are interested in helping Norman Finkelstein or learning more about the case, please visit our website:

Anonymous said...

Norman Finkelstein will not receive tenure at De Paul.

Anonymous said...

Scandinavian writes:

"They may have some DNA from the original Hebrews of the old testament, but that does not give them the right to kick out the current inhabitants."

I agree, Scandinavian. Fix that problem by kicking those genetic remnants out of Palestine, and that will fix this problem as well.