Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Cowards Turned Out to Be Right: NICHOLAS KRISTOF


The New York Times

The Cowards Turned Out to Be Right
Published: November 28, 2006

How about if the Bush administration devotes itself less to managing the news and more to trying to manage Iraq?


"As we try to extricate ourselves from Iraq, a basic lesson for the administration is that it should deal with bad news in ways more creative than clobbering the messenger. From the beginning of the war, the Pentagon has had an incredibly sophisticated news operation (now including its own news channel, carried on some cable networks), but it has often seemed more concerned with disseminating propaganda than with gathering facts."



Anonymous said...

Manage Iraq? They can't even manage Afghanistan.

Even better...how about team neocon figures out where bin laden is...after all, this is still the war on terror isn't it?

Allright, maybe that's too hard for those great white terror hunters from the bush(sure says allot about that billion dollar war machine doesn't it?). I guess you don't use the military for what is essentially a criminal matter. Can you imagine sending thousands of troops to columbia to catch a drug dealer and his crew?

In any case, does team neocon have any brilliant ideas on how to stabilize that other failure in Afghanistan?(besides creating another Iraq in Iran and/or having every man, woman, and child in America implanted with tracking devices)

Bueller? Bueller?

They didn't call neocons "the crazies" in the 80's for nothing.

Iraq was only going to be a stepping stone into Iran. The only management to consider is how they come up with grand conspiracy theories involving all kinds of "national security secrets" that only they can understand, bunk intelligence extracted using torture, and perception management techniques that involve targeting veterans for peace as co-conspirators in al-qaeda's MISSION to rule the world.

All of this, while they point fingers at everyone carrying hair gel through airport terminals as trained bomb makers in cahoots with the "terrorist mastermind" known as bin laden, simply for pointing out flaws in their theories and providing solutions they haven't thought of.

It's almost as if they are purposely trying to instigate attacks on America, that they will "fail to imagine" AGAIN...but of course that would be too simple and we know ockham's razor does not apply to neocons.

Anonymous said...

Great comment.

For sure, a key neocon strategy is to baffle the herd with bs. It seems to be what the sheeple want.