Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Douglas Feith lawyers up and talks, the guiltier Wolfowitz & Co. look

RE: Feith-Libby Lies Exposed

Anonymous said...

The more Douglas Feith lawyers up his rhetoric about the faults of the CIA, and continues to rectify his approach in cherry picking (critiquing) intelligence, the guiltier Wolfowitz & Co. look.

The New York Times is now putting out the word, George Tenent is the guy with the false intelligence, he’s the one to blame for Iraq. For the NY Times this might be the best strategy, it’s better than not reporting about Feith & Co. at all, which is what they’re doing.
But what is in a defense that puts Tenent at the helm?

He’s CIA.

Feith has been on a lecture/education tour explaining how the CIA was getting it wrong and that Bush needed a go between, a B-team, to get it right. Its what Feith calls good government, groups that critique it all! Sounds good, coming from a guy within a group, that was never critiqued! Untill now.

Feith blames Tenent for the bad intelligence that Bush sold to the public, which in turn forced Congress’ hand in going after Saddam. How can Feith blame the CIA? It was his Iraq think tank, with the power to critique information, by using power-point presentations that make the ultimate decision maker (Bush), get it wrong!
Or did they?

Wolfowitz & Co. were this countries last defense against faulty intelligence, at least this is how they sold it. This cast of well-known Zionists got it right for Israel and wrong for America. And now they (Eric Edelman & Co) expect the us, the Americans, to thank these traitors for their service? Lets leave that to Israel and the Bush team.

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