Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Navy boats 'ambushed' in Iraqi water

Posted Mar 28, 2007 09:54 AM PST

Okay folks, I am calling BULL BISCUITS on this one, and here is the reason.

Why would Iran attack British ships in Iraqi waters? Iran knows such an act would be the very justification to invade that the US and UK are looking for. Iran knows the US and UK and trying to provoke them. Iran does not want an invasion, therefore Iran would avoid confrontations.

The US and UK, on the other hand, DO want confrontations. They WANT a reason to invade. They are looking for and creating any and all situations that they can use as an excuse to invade.

So, who gets what they want in a border dispute? Who WANTS war?

Truth is the first casualty in war and in watching the mainstream media trying to assure us that Iran "ambushed" (on the water???) Great Britain in Iraqi waters, I am reminded of last summer when that same mainstream media was just as insistent that IsraPublishel's soldiers had been "kidnapped" by Lebanon inside Israel. Later, of course, it came out that the Israeli soldiers had been well inside Lebanon at the time of their capture.

One more thing. How lucky for the media that they had a video interview of Faye Turney to show on TV, taped just before her "capture."

By Mike Rivero

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