Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Predominantly Jewish And & or Israeli Groups Speaking Out For Justice And Human Rights

Action committee for one democratic secular republic
Alliance of Middle East Scientists and Physicians
AlNakba in Hebrew
Alternative Information Center
American Council for Judaism
(see also
America-Israel Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Andalus Publishing (translates Arabic books to Hebrew)
Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Bat Shalom, Israeli Women for Peace
Breaking the Silence (Israeli Soldiers website)
Bustan (Arab Jewish group for sustainable development)
Bustan L'Shalom
Challenge (Israeli magazine)
The Coalition of Women For a Just Peace
Coalition of Women for Peace
Eda Haredit, A hundred thousand anti-Zionist Hasidim all at one place...
European Jews for a Just Peace
Faculty For Israeli-Palestinian Peace
The Green Line (Kav Yarok)
Gush Shalom
House of Hope, http://
Independent Jewish Voice
Indymedia (Independent Israeli Media Center)
The Interfaith Encounter Association
Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions
Israel Insider News
Israel Legal resource center
Israel Religious Action Center (against religious bigotry)
Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation
Jewish and Arab Women for Peace in the Middle East
Jewish Friends of Palestine
Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group
Jewish-Palestinian Encounter
Jewish Peace Fellowship
Jewish People Liberation Organization
Jewish Solidarity http://www.jewishsolidarity.infoJewish Unity for a Just Peace
Jewish Voice for Peace
Jewish Voices Against the Occupation
Jewish Unity for a Just Peace:
Jewish Voices Against the Occupation:
Jews Against the Occupation
Jews For Justice
Jews For Justice for Palestinians
Jews for a Just Peace
Jews for a Just Peace (Australia)
Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel (JPPI)
Jews of Belgium Appeal for a Fair Settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Jews on first
Jews NOT Zionists
Jews Renounce
Kibbush (Occupation)
Machsum Watch
Matzpum, Jews to Ban Israeli Products and Tourism
Middle East Crisis Committee
Muzzle Watch (tracking Zionist efforts to silence critics)
Nahalat Shalom
Neturei Karta Homepage
Negev Coexistence Forum
New Israel Fund
New Profile (movement for civilization of Israeli Society)
Not in Our Name Coalition
Not In My Name!
"Occupied Territory"
(The) Other Israel
Oz v'Shalom - Netivot Shalom (religious Zionist anti-Occupation)
Oznik News Service
The Parent Circle
Physicians for Human Rights, Israel
Rabbis for Human Rights
Realistic Religious Zionism
Righteous Jews
Search for justice and equality
Seruv --Courage to Refuse
Shvil Zahav (The Middle Way)
Ta'Ayush (Arab Jewish Partnership)
Tikkun Magazine
Toronto's Jewish Youth Against the Occupation
Visions for peace with justice in Israel/Palestine
Yesh Gvul, The movement for IDF men refusing to serve in the Occupied Territories. , (in Hebrew and English)

Individuals with excellent work
Ammiel Alcalay
Uri Avnery
Israeli musician Gilad Atzmon, see some of his political reflections at
Iris Bar
Norman Finkelstein
Ran HaCohen
Harvey Herstein
David Kirshbaum
Joel Kovel
Michael Neumann
Ilan Pappe
Tanya Reinhart
Israel Shamir, an Israeli writer
Eyal Weizman's excellent work at
Ora Wise
Amira Hass and Gideon Levy and other articles in Haaretz
Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom, Jerusalem,

Conscientious Objection to Military Service in Israel
Israeli Reservists Refusing to Serve

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