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Stop the Killing in Darfur! (I'm Sorry, I Mean Iraq)

Mar 27 2007 - 1:42pm

Yesterday's story from the BBC about the carnage visited on Iraq by the war-criminal from Crawford was widely ignored today:

Another story about Darfur from Saturday also got scant attention:

Put them together and here's what you get:

Berlin 27th March: Meeting here to celebrate the EU's 50th birthday, EU leaders are being asked whether they will finally take meaningful action on the genocide unfolding in Darfur (I'm sorry that should read: Iraq). Darfur (or rather Iraq) has been under attack since 2003 when the government of the Sudan (I'm sorry that should read: the US) invaded it on transparently trumped-up pretexts. The motivation of the Sudanese (again that should read: US) government, appears to be control of oil in the region.

According to experts, at least 200,000 people have been slaughtered by Sudanese (correction: US) forces. The number is growing by the day. Sudanese (I mean of course US) estimates of the number killed by their forces is drastically lower, with most Sudanese (or rather US) sources putting the figure at around 30,000. As many as 400,000 more Sudanese (which is to say, Iraqis) have been killed in the ongoing Muslim-on-Muslim civil war, triggered by the trumped-up invasion. In addition over 2 million Sudanese (yup, I know - Iraqi!) refugees have been forced to flee the fighting, which is now chronically over-extending the resources of neighboring states.

Although the actions of the Sudanese (I'm so sorry, I mean the US) government would seem to meet international definitions of genocide, no action has been taken by the EU or the UN, beyond formal protests. In addition the Sudanese (shit, shit the US!) government has blocked any UN role in the region; and UN resolutions are followed or ignored by the Sudanese (OK, OK the US!) government as it pleases.

In any case, as EU leaders point out, the US government (hey, I FINALLY got it right!) cannot possibly be guilty of genocide in Iraq or anywhere else, since its leaders are overwhelmingly rich and white.

Tony Blair was unavailable for comment as he was communing with his Savior (and his lawyers).

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