Monday, April 2, 2007

Racist Mob Goes After UK Star

Racist Mob Goes After UK Star Amir Khan

Posted by: Mark Vester on 04-02-2007.

By Mark Vester

The Daily Record reports that 19-year-old Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan was forced to flee an amateur tournament after being racially abused and threatened with violence by a mob of fans. He was present at the event to watch his brother Haroon in the North West Amateur Boxing Association finals in Liverpool.

Khan's manager Asif Vali told the paper that the ordeal began after Haroon controversially lost his bout with local fighter James Deakin. Soon after, a mob of around 20 fans began to taunt Khan, some with racial slurs, and intimidate him.

"It was horrible and in my mind somewhat racist. Apart from the horrible insults, they were goading him saying things like, 'Come on, have a go with us' and 'Come on if you fancy yourself'. It was very intimidating. I had specifically decided that we shouldn't take any security with us because, after all, it was an amateur event," Vali said. "Thankfully, we escaped without being hurt. Who knows what could have happened if they had attacked us?"

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