Monday, April 2, 2007

Where Conscience Meets Policy

April 2, 2007

By Jim Kirwan

We have arrived at that crossroads where we must choose which path we will take, if we are to reach tomorrow. America and the world are standing on the threshold to the open “Gates of Hell,” guarded by a new and different form of that mythical three-headed monster known as Cerberus. In this case only two represent war, and only one will be open to a resolution. The first stands for the Outlaws-fabrication of global power and control. The second represents the barbarity, the rage, the hate, the religious bigotry and the hypocrisy of “superior beings.” That third recognizes reason, logic, balance and the prosperity that can flow from these basic ingredients to improve the human condition, around the world.

To assist in making this choice clear, some facts need to be added to the dialogue.

First among them: Americans need to understand that there will “never be” a functioning Health Care National Program in the United States. The simple reason for this is that ‘health-care’ as opposed to ‘health insurance’ has always been one of the primary controlling factors in keeping the public both poor and worried, about something as critical as their own survival. In addition; this rogue government has made too many deals with the drug companies and the insurance industry, coupled with massive cost-increases throughout the entire medical establishment. Everyone involved in these fraudulent schemes has become addicted to obscene profits that are a direct result of these criminal-conspiracies that run the gambit from the Governor of California all the way through the congress to the Tarnished House!

Second there can never be a true financial re-alignment in this country so long as the markets, the banks, and the congress, in tandem with the FED and all ancillary interests that are supposed to oversee everything—yet they remain aligned with this corrupted administration that continues to maintain their criminal-controls over every aspect of monetary policy.

These are just two of the many reasons why this nation’s people remain so committed to their private world of “distractions & denial” that account for the unused portions of every single one of their days and nights. So many people have wondered why so many Americans have become so addicted, to their compartmentalized ‘little-worlds’: Worlds that simply do not permit the inclusion of any real facts about what this nation is doing in the real-world today.

For instance: for the retired, the elderly, and the sick cannot seem to care about how many of the now over one million Iraqi’s we have killed, so long as they cannot get help or any genuine-care for themselves from a now totally defunct system of medicine and treatment that serves them not, but rather expedites profits for the gargantuan giants of industry and commerce that control it all. And, since vast chunks of the national treasury have been ripped-off for the Wars, at the expense of so much that needs doing here and now, within the United States: ordinary people have chosen to just to “not know” how much, why, or for how long this will continue. Because knowledge once acquired can eat into that which is not being done by the individual—to maintain deniability Joe & Mary six-pack seem to have chosen ignorance over facts.

Compounding the above, ordinary life has become so incredibly complex: and time has taken on so much more importance than it had in any other period—that people have just pulled back into the safe-havens of their own little-worlds: Terrified by the fear and paranoia, whipped-up by those that are desperately trying to conclude the Revenge-of-the-Robber-Barons: by taking back all the power from the people that finally caught a break in the “New Deal,” under Roosevelt after the crash of 1929. The day after that the New Deal went into effect the Outlaws began to plan their counter-attack on society, on humanity, on education and health, as well as on intelligence, creativity and personal independence: not-to-mention a fair and sustainable wage for those who create the wealth and profits, that the global Corporatocracy is reaping, in unbelievable excess—Worldwide.

Further adding to the daily bombardments of crimes against everyone, except of course the actual individuals that are responsible for the implementation of all of the above: There are the very real dangers of a pending Third World War that hangs like a double-headed axe over virtually every nation now—because of horrific incompetence and failures throughout our foreign polices wherever the American boot-print has been placed.

In the capital, congress and the Decider are still locked in a struggle that sounds like the one that Newt Gingrich brought on when he and his thugs shut down the government, under his “Contract on America.” We don’t have the luxury of time to let this childish feud play out, surrounding either the outright lies of the current US Attorney General, or the Decider’s total failure to lead anything in the Wars-of-Conquest that he started in the Middle East.

Congress is ‘debating’ garbage that does not rise to the need for that level of hesitancy. The AG needs to be called in to testify in public and under oath. At the end of said testimony, if Gonzalez cannot clear himself he needs to be summarily fired—the president’s preferences do not trump the public’s need to have a truthful Attorney General. It would be naiveté to believe that the Decider should have an honest or truthful AG: but if Gonzalez is too stupid to be able to cover his criminality—then for the sake of effectiveness, if nothing else – Roberto Gonzales needs to go!

Similarly: the White House including George Bush and Dick Cheney, as well as anyone else that congress needs to call need—need to voluntarily go to congress and answer all the questions that have become so overwhelming diverse, in the administration of this administration. Beginning with Cheney’s Secret Government and ‘what-really-happened on 911.’

In the matter of “the Funding of the War V. Ending the Occupation of Iraq:” This too is riven with lies and distortions of the facts on the ground. First, if we do not withdraw immediately then we will be unceremoniously be kicked out—because this ‘war’ has already been lost.

The puppet administration inside Iraq was put there by the puppet-masters who control the Decider and all his minions. The Iraqi’s-in-charge in Iraq, are not representing the people of Iraq but are instead trying to hold things together until the rights to Iraqi oil have been given to foreign oil companies in perpetuity. Even if that happens – this can never be enforced inside that nation that will hate us until the end of time. Not – as the Decider said: “For our Freedom” but rather “For our Barbarity and for the murders of over a million of their people.”

In the matter of who should be in-charge of what happens in Iraq—between congress and the commander-in-chief: There are many fallacies that continue to skew this equation as well.

The Decider demands that the Commanders on the ground need to make all decisions about the war. By his own words The Decider has condemned himself, because he is supposed to be the Commander-in Chief, that makes him ultimately responsible for everything that the generals who serve under his command (at the discretion and the pleasure of the commander-in-chief) have done in the more than four years of abject and total failure (to obtain anything at all) by way of control over Iraq, or the infrastructure of a supposedly captive nation.

In addition, and in his own words, the decider should explain to the nation just why it is, that he and his military and the mercenaries that number almost as many, as the troops under his command—have not been able to do anything in Iraq except to imprison and torture hundreds of thousands of people for no reason, and to slaughter huge numbers of ordinary people, under the guise of being supposedly insurgents: When in fact most of those people were simply trying to live in their country, free from his illegal and unilateral invasion of their country.

Since the above is the case in Iraq: the congress not only has the right but the duty to pull the troops out—before they get tossed out. The Decider and his Jackals have gone on and on about “what message this will send to “the enemy.” Bush should have thought about “that” long before he dissed everyone that disagreed with him, and long before he unilaterally went into this war in the first place. So that ‘problem’ is also something that the Decider is directly responsible for. Bush & His Bandits cannot handle the truth: This is the main problem here.

The Congress for its part needs to stop pretending that they have no responsibility for this war. In fact it was the congress who gave away their constitutional powers to control the executive after 911 that got us into this nightmare in Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place. Pelosi, as current Speaker of the House, then further complicated this whole mess by removing a prohibition from the latest funding bill; that would have required the Decider to stay out of Iran without the specific approval of the congress.

The powers that were constitutionally awarded to congress cannot legally be given away. Because to do so is to create this exact situation in which the USA & the World now find themselves. Having illegally given away those powers of checks and balances and oversight—congress must now firmly revoke, what was given away illegally to the executive. And simultaneously they must cut off all funding for this mess that is not a war but just another illegal invasion of another nation—which in this case the congress is directly responsible for.(1)

And finally it is way past time for Americans to view what is being done to what were the people in Iraq. This is butt-ugly, but it’s that one truth that all Americans ought to have to witness for themselves—before making anymore dastardly decisions about sending anymore troops anywhere; and especially not into Iraq. We did what is linked to this article: and if you haven’t the stomach for it: then you have no business voting for anymore funds, or for any more of the criminals in this government who designed these polices that made these crimes the battle-order of the day – for the four long years that this treatment has been in effect. (2)

1) Open Letter to Congress

2) The Real Face of War

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