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As the Jews in Israel and throughout the world celebrate Passover, the Festival of FREEDOM... the very thing that is celebrated is denied to an entire nation. Palesinians will be welcome to stay at home... or wander if they wish... but only within their own villages and only behind the wall that separates them from family and friends.

Christian Palestinians will be able to attend Easter services and visit family members, again creating an apartheid within apartheid by distinguishing between the Christian and Muslim residents.

And yet Israel talks peace.... promises to end closures.... promises to remove roadblocks.... WHEN????

As I said above, Passover is the Festival of Freedom.... to the Palestinians it has become the Festival of Continued Suffering.

Following is a report from Ynet about the closure...

Closure on territories

Full closure imposed on West Bank ahead of Passover. IDF to allow Christians to enter Israel for family visits during Easter holiday

A full closure has been imposed on the West Bank starting Saturday night, and will be in effect for the remainder of Passover. The closure will be lifted following another security assessment after the holiday is over.

Entry into Israel from the West Bank during Passover will only be permitted in humanitarian cases.

International organization workers, lawyers, medical professionals, clergymen, and other populations will also be permitted entry, under the coordination of Israeli security forces and the Palestinian Authority.

Security forces have also prepared for Easter which overlaps with Passover this year. Thousands of the West Bank’s Christian residents will be permitted entry into Israel to celebrate the Easter holiday with their families.

Israeli citizens will be allowed entry to Jericho, Bethlehem, and the Gaza Strip in order to participate in religious ceremonies and family visits.

In addition, hundreds of Gaza’s Christian resident will be permitted to leave the Strip in order to take part in religious ceremonies taking place in Israel.

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